"Tell your children of Him, and let your children tell their children, and their children to another generation." Joel 1:3

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday Snapshot

Ni Hao Y'all

This week it's Timmy's turn. So far I've done Tyler, Tony, and Tanner.

Timmy is my second born kiddo. He's 10 yrs. old and in 5th grade now and I'm always amazed at how time flies. Everyone always says that once they start school, it whizzes by.....they are not kidding.

When I was 7 mos. pregnant with Timmy, Jason was sent overseas for 7 mos. We were short timers in NC, so I decided it would be best to move home and be by family during that time. I was preparing myself to be in the delivery room without my hubby, but 3 days before I was to be induced, he got the okay to come home. What a blessing! He was there for a week and had to leave us again when Timmy was only 7 days old. I still remember the scene in the airport with him holding him and crying.

He has been a smiley kid since day one. He's got a face that will break hearts someday. His Kindergarten teacher once asked me how I could resist that smile. :)

When he was 2, he fell and knocked out his front tooth. We got quite used to him not having it for the next 4 yrs.

He's always been a pretty athletic kid. Being quick and agile and good at sports has come easy to him since he was little. He has been in wrestling for 4 yrs. now and is so impressive. One of the other parents on his team would always tell her son to watch Timmy when he was wrestling so he could learn from him. He played football for the first time this fall and loved it. It was never hard to find him on the sideline, just look for the littlest kid.

He is the kind of student who has to work twice as hard as many others to get decent grades. Most of the time I think he just doesn't want to so he doesn't. When he puts his mind to something, he can do quite well.

He had a pretty bad injury to his face this past June that will leave a scar for life on his cheek. He considers it a pretty cool battle wound......mom wishes it would go away so his face would be perfect again. Just kiddin'.....his face is perfect now....scar and all.

One source of heartache for Timmy has been his size. He is very self conscience of his height. He's always been a pretty short kid, but as he's gotten older he's more and more upset about it. He is the smallest kid in his grade (even amongst the girls) and this is just not cool for a 10 yr. old. The worst part for him is that he and Trae are almost the same size even though they are 2 yrs. apart in age. To make up for this, Timmy makes sure to remind Trae regularly that he is older and stronger. Those 2 are so competitive......I'm waiting for the day I hear them racing cars down the street....God, help me.
I always catch him standing on his tip-toes when he's in pictures. So sweet.

Timmy is now called Tim at school......a change I can't and won't get used to. I tell him he will always be Timmy to me. When he's got gray hair and kids of his own, I'll call him Timmy. He just laughs. He tells me often how much he loves me and is very affectionate. He used to always tell me when he was little that he was going to marry me. :)

I really think that boys consider their mom's their first "love"....like the first girl they really loved. It's hard to explain if you don't have a son, but they definitely have an affection for their mom's that is precious. I'll take every bit of it while I can.