"Tell your children of Him, and let your children tell their children, and their children to another generation." Joel 1:3

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Out of the mouths of babes

Every Monday, I volunteer at school in the lunchroom so I get to see the boys for a bit. Last Monday I was talking to Tanner while he was eating and noticed a super cute little Asian girl sitting next to him. She looked like she was probably Chinese. Of course, I wanted to just squeeze her cuz she was so darn cute.
She asked me if I was Tanner mom...."yes".
I asked her what her name was...."Amelia".
She got up to go outside and I leaned down to Tanner...
"ya know, Tanner, Amelia looks a lot like your new sister looks....she has the same black hair and those brown eyes...."
Tanner said to me without missing a beat...
"Yah, 'cept Amelia doesn't have a hole in her lip like our sister does."
Very true....and too cute.

Yesterday, Tanner had show and tell and brought a picture of Livi to show his class. When he got home, I asked him how it went.
Did you tell them about Livi?
Did you tell them where she lives?
Yep, I told them she lives in China right now, but that mom and dad are going to get her and bring her home.
Did the kids ask you anything about her?
Yea, they asked why she has that hole in her lip.
(Apparently this "hole in her lip" is an intriguing thing for kindergartners)
What did you tell them?
I told them that was just how she was made.
Awwwwwww, how sweet is that....
Last night the boys had their first wrestling meet of the season. The 4 younger ones all are on the team now so, basically, if we're not there....a third of the team is gone. Coach told us to stay healthy. HA! This was Tanner's first time out ever. He's been loving practices, but a meet is a whole different thing. I really wasn't sure if he would go or not. I was a tiny bit thinking he might say no when they told him it was his turn. But....he didn't. He got up on that mat facing an equally small guy and took him down and pinned him in about 30 seconds. It was hilarious! He was smiling, practically laughing, during the whole thing. I think he was really loving all the cheering for him. In all fairness, his "pin" he got on the guy came when the other little kid basically just layed his shoulders on the mat. Tanner didn't excatly have good form on him.....but hey, we'll take it. He's officially hooked. Tony wrestled next and went all 3 rounds without a pin, but beat the kid by points, so that was great! Trae also got his guy. He could have had him pinned about 6 times, but he kept putting an arm under the kid's neck and it got in the way. He even had him in a cradle hold (that's a really hard move to learn and excecute, but if you can, it pretty much ensures a pin) where I think he had him, but it didn't get called. He beat him by a score of 16-4 though, so that was awesome! Timmy won his match as well with a pin. It took him about 30 seconds to get that, so that was an awesome round for him. He actually had a second match that was an exhibition and won that as well. That was funny too cuz he is friends with the second boy he wrestled and they were kinda smiling during some of it. We were sitting by that boys dad and laughing cuz they were having a lot of fun out there....still trying and wrestling hard....but having fun.