"Tell your children of Him, and let your children tell their children, and their children to another generation." Joel 1:3

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Garage sale day!

Well, it arrived. We finally called it quit at 1am last night in the garage preparing for the sale today. By the time we opened the doors at 8am and started to take stuff out into the driveway, about half the stuff wasn't even priced. It was crazy and hectic for a while and very busy too...but it all worked itself out and turned out to be a huge success. We sold AT LEAST half the stuff so far. There are a few big items we really hope to get rid of, but all in all...I'm very happy with today's result. I am beat, so I am not writing much today. These next few days now are just crazy! It's Epiphany's springfest that we are co-chairing the volunteer effort for. This means we will be at the fair Friday evening, Sat. evening and all day Sunday. I can't wait until Sunday night when I can celebrate that it's over.

Lighthearted moment of the day....there are 2. Yesterday was Tony's school track and field day and the parents could come to cheer them on. I was there with Tanner and the daycare kids to watch him. When they were all done with the final event, I gave him a wave and said I was going to go now. He said, we're not done...we didn't jump over the turtles yet.. I asked him what he meant. He said " they said we were going to jump over turtles." Then it occurred to me....."Tony, they're called HURDLES and you already did that" HAHA!!! Too funny.

Then just tonight, we were watching a TV show and he looks up at me and says "Mom, do you have any hiccup medicine?" HA! I love the things kids say.