"Tell your children of Him, and let your children tell their children, and their children to another generation." Joel 1:3

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sunday Snapshot: Livi's book

I had a book made on Shutterfly to bring to China on Tuesday. It is a book we can show her so that she starts to see some of the family and her home before we leave China. I'm hoping it will help give her a glimpse of recognition when she sees everything. Especially the pictures of the boys, of our home, and of her room. Who knows if it will make a difference at all, but I think it will be fun to try and show her.

This is Livi Ming. And this is the story of her family.

This is Livi's family. She has a mom and a dad and 5 big brothers. Their names are Tyler, Timmy, Trae, Tony, and Tanner.

Little Livi's mom and dad planned for her for a long time.
And prayed that Jesus would send them a special little girl.

All the boys wanted a sister very badly.....
and they prayed for her too.

Livi's family had tons of fun together. They went to baseball games and movies together.
All the while thinking about the little girl that would soon join their family. What did she look like? What is her favorite toy?

Mom, dad, and the 5 boys weren't the only ones hoping and praying for little Livi.
She already had so many other people thinking about her too. Grandma Rita and Grandpa Jim. Grandma Cindy and Aunt Erin.

What little Livi Ming would soon find out is that she already had a whole group of cousins that are so excited to meet her.
The cousins are good friends and Livi is going to love playing with them.

Uncle Mike and Aunt Kristin love little Livi. They are so anxious to meet her.
Livi will soon meet Alex, Sam, Molly, and Josh. I'm pretty sure Molly will have fun showing off all her toys and dolls they can play with together.

Aunt Mindy loves Livi Ming.
She and Kaylee are so excited to have another sweet little girl in the family and play with and squeeze.

Uncle Pat and Aunt Lindsey love sweet little Livi.
Baby Benny thinks it's extra special that Livi is coming to our family. He was adopted and wanted so much, just like her. They will have a lot to share together.

Uncle Dan and Aunt Amy love little Livi.
Adam and Christopher are silly little boys that Livi will have lots of fun with.

Livi sure is a lucky girl with all these people who love her and think she's so special.
When LIvi gets to her new home, she will see lots of snow there. Her brothers can show her how to make a snow angel and go sledding.

There's a brand new room waiting for her.
It's got lots of pink and was made with so much love.....especially for her arrival.

Tyler, Timmy, Trae, Tony, and Tanner can't wait for little Livi to be home....right where she belongs.
Because after all this time thinking about her, and praying for her, and planning for her......

.....we're all just ready to start loving her.
Livi, you are a child of God. He has held you since the day you were conceived. His plans for your life and great. You were wanted, even before you were born, by God, and by us. We thank God that He made you for our family. You are loved.

Ni Hao Yall

Getting packed

I've actually had a lot of fun getting Olivia's bag packed. There's something really sweet about doing something for her even before we meet her. Each thing I packed, I found myself thinking of her actually using it, playing with it, or wearing it.....and I can't wait.

The boys were 'helping'.

This is the other thing I just finished in her room. It's a ribbon with all sorts of pictures of us for her to see every night when she's in bed.