"Tell your children of Him, and let your children tell their children, and their children to another generation." Joel 1:3

Friday, October 23, 2009

I hear ya

Last night, Mindy came to the shop and I cut and colored her hair. We got talking about what's been going on with us and the adoption and I told her that I am more stressed out than ever about it all. The whole money thing just has me questioning how and when and everything else. She really was encouraging me to send in our application, start the homestudy, and go from there...see what happens. I told her that I know I'm over analyzing it and I need to stop thinking about it so much and just go. She told me that I should be excited about it, not stressed out. That's what I want, and I know I haven't been able to let myself get there yet. I let too many other thoughts get in the way.
So, there I was on the way home. I got in the car and was thinking about our conversation and was asking God to help show me what we're supposed to do and to help me just listen to His plan for us. Just then a song came on KTIS that I actually really don't like (a rare thing since I like most all the music they play) so I turned the station for a bit to Delilah....ya know Delilah?? She's the cheesy, overly sweet, love ballad dedication chick on the radio at night. Anyway, just as I changed to her show she said something that I couldn't believe. I even pulled the car over and wrote it down quick, cuz I didn't want to forget her exact words.
"Are you one of those people who has to wait before you leap? Do you think things through...sometimes too much? Do you think about things so much that you never leap? Just take the chance. Take that leap and see where it takes you." At this point, I'm looking around me to find God himself in the car disguising his voice as Delilah...and then He...er...she said, "You have to be excited about life. Just breath deeply and live fully."
Then she played the song, I Can Only Imagine...one of my favorites...and a Christian song on a secular station. Here I was tuning into the Christian station to begin with hoping something would speak to me and God made them play that ONE song I really don't like so that I would turn the station and hear His words at just the right time. I have no doubts. I don't believe in coincidence like this, I think He uses all sorts of ways for us to hear Him. Okay, I'm listening.