"Tell your children of Him, and let your children tell their children, and their children to another generation." Joel 1:3

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hi boys!!

Hi my boys!! Dad and I are on the big ship and it's Thurs. evening. We are going to a comedy club show tonight and then to a fancy dinner where everyone has to be very dressed up. I wanted to take a minute to write to you and tell you that we are missing you all so much! We can't call you while we are on the ship because it would be sooooo expensive. In fact, I am even paying almost a dollar per minute to just use the computer and write this, but you are all worth it!!
We are having such a great time! The temperature has been close to 80' every day. A little warmer than Minnesota, right? We have been to Mexico and Roatan (in Honduras) and a country called Belize where we went on a 2 hour tubing ride down a river through the rainforest that went through caves. There were even bats in the cave, you would have LOVED it! We have been to stage shows and done some shopping and we get to eat whenever and whatever we want. We haven't been hungry for a week. Haha!
We keep saying how much fun you would all have here. We wish you could see what we are seeing. We are on the ocean and there is water all around us for as far as we can see. There have been a few nights, including tonight, that have had really high waves (like 10ft.) and it makes the ship rock. Sometimes we are walking and lose our balence and look funny because we can't walk straight. hehe...it's funny. At night, it feels like you are being rocked to sleep. It's a very cool and weird feeling. We actually even saw dolphins swimming near the boat on the first day. That was very cool!
Are you all being good for grandma and grandpa? I hope so. I'm sure you are. Make us proud of you. I know it's hard when we're away this long and can't call you, but have fun and don't argue or fight....or wrestle (remember??) I know you are all being very good. We miss you very, very much and are anxious to see you. We will call when we get back to Florida on Saturday. Grandpa won't be getting us until really late at night, so you will be in bed, but we will come in and give you a kiss goodnight.
We love you all very much! We'll see you in a couple days. Bye boys!!!