"Tell your children of Him, and let your children tell their children, and their children to another generation." Joel 1:3

Thursday, February 25, 2010

sure...why not

This is one of those stories that falls under the category of "you had to be there" but I'll tell it anyway. This was the conversation I overheard in the back of the van last night after wrestling practice.
Trae: (listening to his MP3 and singing along with Journey) "Working hard to get my fill....Everybody wants a GRILL...Playing anything...
Tyler and Timmy: Grill?? What the heck are you talking about, Trae? It's THRILL, not GRILL!
Trae: NO it's not....it's GRILL. Everybody wants a Grill.
Tyler and Timmy: (laughing at him) Trae, why would a song say 'everybody wants a grill'.
Trae: What? Everybody DOES want a grill.
Tyler and Timmy: Oh my gosh, Trae. Mom, which is it?
Me: Trae, it's Thrill.

The best part was hearing Trae totally and seriously defend his position that the word was grill and not understanding why we thought that was so funny. He was laughing by the end too, but I just had to crack up. Too funny!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Last night I got home from work a little earlier than usual and picked up some pizza on the way home. This after having a good dinner all prepared in the crock pot, but finding out from Jason that by 7pm it was still not done (it was planned to be done by 5)....I think the crock pot is on it's last leg. Anyhooo.....we were all sitting there eating and Timmy says to me, "Today at recess Tony told a kid that he couldn't come to our school because he was black" **just picture Jay and I with the widest eyes possible** I immediately whispered to Jay out of the corner of my mouth "Don't freak out" He has a tendancy to just get upset and get the kids on the defensive before finding out the whole story. I looked at Tony who had already started crying and was saying it was a joke, he was joking. The first good thing we found out was that this boy did not hear Tony. Thank goodness, check that off the list of phone calls we would be making to apologize.
Here's the conversation (it's easier to tell this way...LOL)
Me: Tony, why would you say that?
Tony: I was just kidding (he's crying this whole time)
Me: That is not a joke, it's never funny to say that to someone. If that boy had heard you, he would have been so hurt by that. He would have told his parents and they would have told Ms. B and Ms. B would have called us and we would be calling that boys parents to apologize. Why would you say that to someone? (I just knew this wasn't the sort of thing he just came up with on his own, and he obviously never heard anything at home that would make him say that)
Tony: It was in a book that Miss Crowly read to us. (still crying...he knew this wasn't good)
Me: Did the book have a black boy get told that same thing by someone?
Tony: Yes
Me: And then did the book talk about how that was wrong and that you shouldn't ever think that way?
Tony: Yes, it said that the boy could go to the school.
Me: Okay...I'm glad to hear that because at least I understand now where you got that from. But Tony, don't ever say anything like that again. It makes absolutely no difference what color someone's skin is. A person with darker skin than yours is exactly the same as you and they can be your friend, they can be your teacher, they can be a policeman, they can even be our President just like Pres. Obama...right?
Tony: I know that mom, I wasn't trying to be mean. (his face looked pitiful this whole time)
Me: I know you didn't, but just know that you can't ever even joke like that. Ya know, when we adopt your little sister she is going to have skin that is darker than yours and she will also have eyes that are different than yours. Would you like it if someone made fun of her eyes?
Tony: No
Me: Me either, that would make her very sad. Now, are you sure this boy didn't hear you?

You get the point. So...that was our dinner conversation. The best part was when this was all done and Jason hadn't said a word during the whole thing. He looked at me and said, "I would have never gotten that whole story....he would have been up in his room and probably writing an apology by now" It was good for him to see that sometimes you gotta dig deep and also give your kids the benefit of the doubt with stuff like this. I mean, we know our kids....we know what stories sound exactly like something they would do and which ones just don't add up...like this one. He told me he was impressed. Ha. Check one for mom.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Can I cry now?

I went to work on Saturday and got home around 1:30. Jason had left before noon for a work meeting so the boys were home for a little while on their own. I walked in the door and Tyler met me in the foyer with a scared look on his face asking, "Did you save that Adoption paper you were writing?" My stomach sank immediately because I knew the answer was one that would mean that I would soon be RE-Doing 2 weeks of work. Part of our adoption home study is something called our family guidelines. It's a compilation of questions about you, your family, your community, your extended family, your schools, your future, your plans for the child you're adopting, etc, etc, etc....It goes on for 4 pages. All questions that you are expected to answer and put together in essay form. Our social worker told us that the average length of the ones people send back are between 10 and 14 pages long.
We received it the last part of December and were really hoping to have it done by the time we went on our cruise, but that just didn't happen. So for the past 2 weeks, we've been taking the chances we have to get it done so we can hand it in and be done with everything we need to complete this first major step in our journey. Since getting our new computer, we haven't had anything other than Notepad to write things like this. When we've used it for the boys' papers, it's been funny in that once we save it, it can't be edited when we open it back up. It's because of this that I was just keeping the page open and leaving it at the bottom of the computer page. Dumb, I know. Trust me, as mad as I was at Tyler for messing with my stuff....I was really more mad at myself for being so stupid.
So, fast forward back to Saturday....3 minutes before I got home....Tyler decided he was going to show Timmy something on the computer (even after getting strict instructions by dad to not touch the computer while we were away) and he pulled up the tab for notepad. When he went to X out of it, it asked if he wanted to save it. Hmmmm....let's see....should I save these 10 pages that mom and dad have been working on.....or should I just ASSUME it's already saved.....Hmmm....I'll take the dangerous route and press DON"T SAVE. With one stroke of one wrong key, it was gone. No recycling bin, no restore, nothing was getting it back. Just 2 more weeks of work on our part will retrieve it. I was too mad to even cry about it. Tyler was very sorry, I know this...but if he hadn't been on the computer (like he was told) and had he not been messing with something that wasn't his, this would not have happened. Course, if I had been smart enough to even just done a copy and paste into an email draft.....something just in case.....this wouldn't have happened either. At the end of the day, it doesn't really matter HOW it happened. It did. And now we're back to square one with our essay. UGH!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ash Wednesday

Today is Ash Wednesday and time for Lent. In the past few years I've taken the advice of my dear aunt, Sr. Teresa, and not necessarily given something up. She had told me once that Lent can also be a time to ADD something to your day....like prayer or volunteer work. Last year I tried to do a daily Lenten devotion every day. I did okay, but not great. This year, I'm going to do that same thing but I'm going to give something up as well. I'm giving up....here goes...fast food. AAHhhh....I'm embarrassed to say that this will actually be a tall order for me. I've gotten so terrible over the past couple years about going to McD's that they pretty much know me there. In fact, to prove it.....a little while ago I was there with the daycare kids and was paying for our food. I had a new check card and had forgot to sign the back so she asked me for an I.D. with it. I had already dropped it off in the play area with my purse. When I told her I needed to go get it, she said, "don't worry about it, it's fine....I mean, you're here like almost every day". **insert vision of me with wide eyes and dropped chin** Oh My Gosh, the lady at McDonald's knows me. That should have been a sign right there to stop or, for God's sake, at least cut back. But...no....not me. I decided the way to handle that....the embarrassment, the realization, the fact that she was right...was to start using other McDonald's. Oh my gosh, I'm pathetic. Haha!
Oh, and while I'm at it....I'll just add that last year when I broke my foot, I went through the drive thru one day and the woman asked me how my foot was. Good Lord! I don't know whether to laugh or cry.
So, here I am. It's Lent. A time for reflection, prayer, sacrifice, and preparation for Jesus' resurrection. And how do I handle it? By turning it into a diet opportunity. I figure what the heck. Whenever I try to diet, I cheat...but I'm cheating on myself. By making it my Lenten sacrifice, I would be cheating on God. That should motivate me to stick with it, right??

Did I mention that I announced this decision to Jason yesterday as we sat at Wendy's for lunch?

Happy Birthday to Jason

Okay, so it was yesterday. We had a nice evening complete with homeade
chow mein and egg rolls. We had just enough time to eat dinner and get the boys to wrestling practice last night so we saved the cake and cards for afterwards. I made mom's Skor cake which is just so yummy, it's calling my name from the fridge as I write. The boys all gave him cards that they made which is always the best part, I think. I have plans for us on Saturday also for the whole family. I have made a reservation at a hotel for all of us. We usually try and do that this time of year just to break up the cold for a night. We love the Embassy Suites since they have a great breakfast and a fun reception the night before with snacks and pop. We usually order pizza and have it delivered there while playing games with the boys. It's a lot of fun. They will be really excited. They don't know, so if you see any of them, Jason included...don't say anything.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Back from the dead....((more added))

....or from vacation at least. I have had a really hard time getting myself to come and enter in my blog....in case you didn't notice. I don't know, it's like having that week and a half away just got me used to not doing it and not even being online, for that matter. That plus I got my nails done long for the trip and it is very hard to type with them on made me keep putting it off. But....I'm at risk of my friend, Debi, coming to my house to make sure I'm still alive so I better get on it, huh? Haha...Muah mama!
What can I say!? The cruise was all and so much more than I ever could have hoped for. Now, I admit, this is coming from a person who needed a break so badly you could have sent me to Duluth and I would have been thrilled. But the tropical air, the smooth (well, mostly smooth) swaying of the ship, and all the time in the world was just what the dr. ordered for this run-down mom. Couple that with the fact that it was, in my mind, a celebration of over a year and half of daycare being DONE. What a week!
Here's the shortened version of our 8 days.
We spent Friday at Epcot in Disney World.....my favorite of all the parks. That was a really fun beginning to our vacation. We spent the night in a hotel and got up early to head to the coast and board the ship. Just seeing it in the distance as we drove closer was breathtaking. To think that was going to be our home for the next 7days was so exciting!
We spent the first day in awe of the whole thing. Getting used to the waves and rocking. Getting adjusted to not having the boys around....that was weird. And just being able to do whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted.
We went to 4 different ports over the course of the week, although our "stay" in Costa Maya was a short one because they weren't even able to get the boat into the port and safely dock due to the windy conditions and the high waves. That was okay, we just had another day at sea. The places we did go were Cozamel, Roatan, and Belize. We had a great time in all and I'd say Roatan was probably my fave, although I did have a lot of fun shopping in Mexico. I just love the people there at the markets. When you can get passed the fact that they hound you to come buy their 'junk' and 'authentic' Cubans and 'real' white gold....all for low, low prices...LOL ....they are really a lot of fun to talk to. We had some really great encounters and conversations. We got so used to them saying what everything was as we walked by that when one guy held out a Mexican sombrero, my brother looked at him and said "white gold?" HA!
We had a lot of fun shopping in Roatan, which is a part of Honduras. They had the most beautiful handmade wooden items. I couldn't resist getting a new salad bowl set. We also got something for the in-laws. I could have gotten tons more but had no way to get it home.
They had this great chair lift that took us from the shopping part to the beach. It made for a great view of the coastline.
When we went to Belize, we went cave tubing. Now, that was an experience! After a 30 minute hike through the rainforest, we got to the river and had about an hour and a half lazy river ride....most of which was inside a cave. It was pitch black except for the lights we wore on our heads. It was really beautiful (except for the bats on the ceiling) and kinda creepy at the same time. I'd say the hi-lite though came when we got hung up on a rock in a shallow area and Mike's tube got blown out. It was hilarious cuz all of a sudden he started to sink. Luckily our guide let him use his and we were almost at the end. Too funny!
All in all, I have no complaints. It was so much fun! It is a great way to vacation with a large group cuz you can all do your own thing or get together as a group and do things. Either way....there's something for everyone. I even played some blackjack and left the ship up $500 by the end of the week. WOohoo!
We have already said that we want to go on another one in 3 yrs. I am already counting down the days.....well, sort of.
It was good to get home and see the boys though. That's a long time to be away from them and we really missed them by the end of the trip. They were very anxious for us to be home as well. ;)
Here are just a handful of the over 600 pics I took. I'll let them speak for themselves.