"Tell your children of Him, and let your children tell their children, and their children to another generation." Joel 1:3

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I almost forgot....I have changed my deadline. No, not because I'm being wishy washy or making it later than planned. I actually realized that Friday, April 2nd is Good Friday, which I wouldn't work on anyway AND the boys are off on Thursday, April 1st. So I've decided that March 31st sounds just perfect! I got to knock 2 more days off my ticker. YAY!

Been sick

Talk about feeling like crap. UGH..I've been sick since last week with a sore throat and cough, but yesterday was the worst. I don't suppose the schedule I had over the weekend helped any. It was one of those crazy weekends where there's not a moments rest.
On Friday morning, I had to be at the salon by 8am to do a wedding party of 8 girls. I had a sub come over for the daycare and I was home by 12:30. Tanner woke up not feeling great and had a cough also so I kept him home from preschool. By the time I got home from the salon he was out and had a fever and was pretty sick. I stayed home with him that night while Jay went to the Coon Rapids Football game with the others. It was mandetory for Tyler and Timmy cuz they were getting introduced at halftime with the other football players.
On Sat. I worked from 9-4pm and got home to go to church at 5:30. Jay had gone to a game at 12:30 that afternoon for Tyler's team which I had to miss...I hate that.
We got home and had dinner and by now it's 7:30pm.
On Sunday, I had to be in Bloomington by 7:30am for a wedding party I was doing. I got home by 10am and we started cleaning. We had our Couples in Christ group coming over at 6pm. We also had a family picnic at 4pm for Timmy's team, so we really had to be ready by then. We cleaned for hours....it was bad, let me tell ya. The boys were put to work...Jay scoured the kitchen....I went through bags of papers and corners of clutter.....it's amazing how much stuff people can acquire. I never used to let the house get this way, but I swear since I've done daycare I work all day just to keep it a mess. It's neverending...and after this summer of 11 kids, forget it!
Anyhoo...so we got that done and went to the picnic where Cindy met us at 5:30 so we could come home for our couples group. She stayed with the kids while Timmy had his game at 6:15. Our group ended at 8:15 just as the boys were all coming home.
So that was our weekend in a nutshell. It's no wonder I felt worse and worse every day. Yesterday, the daycare kids were gone by 4:30...I went to take a shower and Jay begged me to just stay in bed and get some rest. He told me he would take care of the boys, dinner, football practices, making lunches, setting out uniforms for morning, homework, tucking in....so that I could get some rest and feel better. So I did. I actually took a shower and went to bed at 5:30pm. I fell asleep right away and didn't wake for a minute until about 3am...for just long enough to look at the time and go back to sleep until my alarm went off at 6:30am. I slept for 13 hours. Oh my gosh. That's crazy. But as my mom would say...."you obviously needed it". I'm sure that's very true. I still have a bit of cough this morning, but I definately feel better. That's how much sleep I usually get in TWO nights.
I was going to take some time to pack last night for our weekend trip to a friend's cabin, but I'll figure that out another day. I work tonight and Thursday and tomorrow we have a meeting at church, so I'm not sure when it will get done...but it always seems to somehow.
Wow, I'm really rambling today. It's been so long since I've posted, that there is a lot to ramble about. I'm going to call the agency this week to get our application submitted and our homestudy process started, so I'm excited about that.
For now, I'm just trying to get through another day.