"Tell your children of Him, and let your children tell their children, and their children to another generation." Joel 1:3

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I made a list of things I want done to the outside of the house before having our family get together on Aug. 1st. The WI Duerrs will all be in town for a huge family picnic the next day in honor of Sr. Teresa. They are arriving on the 1st and wanted to see everyone so I offered my house. My mom tries to figure out another option for us to all meet cuz she thinks it's too much work for me....which I suppose is a reasonable assumption....but I have to convince her that I actually WANT to have it. She should know this by now, and she does, she just knows how little time I have to get ready for this sort of thing. It's all good though...I love to entertain, always have.
One good thing about having 25 people to your house for the first time is that you want everything to look it's best. Let's face it, the house is 29 yrs. old so it's not going to be anything spectacular. I think all the landscaping is original. HA!
But with a little paint on the playhouse, some more to cover the rust on the swingset, some new sand in the sandbox, a little pressure washing to the deck, some hanging plants and a few other flowers....to name just a few things on my 'to do list'...it can look pretty decent and it's a good size yard for company and a great setup for all the kids. I'm really looking forward to the whole weekend. I know Teresa is as well. This all means so much to her.
Timmy's eye is looking the same, which is not good I don't think. It's supposed to be looking better. I called the dr. office today and our ped. was out until tomorrow. She said if it wasn't any better by today to call her. I am calling her in the morning if it's still the same. I'm very uneasy about the fact that he has this infection under his skin near his sinus/head/brain and that it's been brewing for a week now.....if he shows any sign of a fever at ALL, I'm going to the ER. I'm not an over panicky mom, but I'm not messing with this.