"Tell your children of Him, and let your children tell their children, and their children to another generation." Joel 1:3

Monday, June 29, 2009

Belated Father's Day

We spent a day with Jay doing what I had hoped for LAST Sunday. We had sick kids, so it got postponed until yesterday. After church, we went to Perkins with mom and dad and then off to the Mall of America. I had made an appointment for him to do an hour in the flight simulator at Flying Aces. Mindy had gotten him a gift card for Christmas a couple years ago and he had never used it until now. We got him checked in and then I took the boys and we walked around for an hour. We went to the Jelly Belly candy store and I let them all pick out a few treats. That was fun since they had tons of different flavors and all sorts of candies from the past when I was a kid.....like Zotz! Remember those?! The hard candy that has a fizzy center. I didn't have one, but I got one for Jay. It's funny the little things that can bring back memories. Then we tried some samples of cheese at the WI cheese store and I bought a couple different kinds. After making a quick stop at the dollar store, it was time to get back to Jay. He had a blast and said it was even more fun than he thought it would be.

I'm more stressed out than usual these days. I have an unannounced visit from my licensor coming sometime this month. I am up for renewal by Aug. 1st, so any day now she'll knock on my door and expect everything to be in tip top shape. UGH! That never happens, so all I can do is have it at it's best and be in compliance with allt he rules. Blah!

I made a decision about something that does relieve some of the stress of all these hours. I asked Kelsie if she would be interested in being a substitute for me on days when I need to get out of the house for something. Dr. appointments, dentist, salon work meetings/classes. I can never make any of them....even the kids' field trips. With her as a backup, I can make some of these mornings out and not worry about taking kids or being stuck in the house all week. As soon as her background check comes back, we're good to go. I'm thinking twice a month or so would be so great! Ask me why I didn't do this sooner.