"Tell your children of Him, and let your children tell their children, and their children to another generation." Joel 1:3

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday Snapshot

I've been neglecting my blog this week, so what better way to get back on board than to brag about one of the boys....an easy thing to do. ;)

This week's Sunday Snapshot is Tanner (So far, I've done Tyler and Tony) Tanner Bananner....my Tanner baby. He's going to be 5 in January and yet he is still my baby. Seems weird that when Tyler was 5, he was already a big brother to 2 others. I suppose though that it's normal to mooch on the youngest for just a bit longer.

Tanner was our big surprise baby. Everyone's gotta have one a those, huh? I had 4 boys already between the ages of 9mos. and 6 when I found out about this new little one. I was a tad overwhelmed to say the least. I will remember always that evening when I got home from work and was going to tell Jay. I sat him down and barely had to say a thing.....he knew. He always knew....he was a pro at it, in fact. I remember I started to cry. Not because I was upset....never could I be upset about the news of a new life. But I was a busy mama with 4 crazy boys and not a ton o' dough...so you get the picture. He said the sweetest things to me and made me feel a ton better. Nine mos. later, there he was....and oh my goodness, we were in love.

Since then, Tanner has been such a joy. He is a total daddy's boy....Jason's heart melts for that kid. He's a moosher for his mom....aren't all boys. And he has managed to be the one brother that none of the others ever get mad at. Seems no matter what he does to annoy, bother, distract, or bug....they take it and laugh. His brothers get as big a kick outta him as we do.

He talks with this expression on his face...his eyes moving and opening wide as he tells you something and his mouth exaggerating it's pronunciations as though every word it so vital and important....you just have to listen. It's the cutest thing and so often I find myself just grabbing him mid-sentence to pull him in for a squeeze.

He has a blankie that started out as a soft minty green receiving blanket when he was an infant. It is now an unrecognizable fraction of it's former self. It's torn and tattered....barely a fourth the size it once was. It's color is now a dirty, dingy, light-light-hardly-green-at-all color. But oh, how he loves that thing. Just the mere threat of taking it away for the day will get that kid to do just about anything for you. Frankly, I couldn't care less if he hid it away in his suitcase and brought it with him to college.......problem is, he sucks his thumb whenever it's in his hands. So, as much as I hate to.....we're going to have to "lose" it.....soon. His dentist is threatening metal contraptions and electric shock therapy if we don't break the habit. What can I say, I told you he was our baby.

He started preschool this year and has a love-hate thing going on with it. He enjoys it while he's there, but still wants to tell me every morning he goes that he'd rather not. He says he misses me too much while he's there....now, THERE is a good reason to not want to go to school. ;)

He's got a quiet nature around new people and surroundings. He can be a little unsure of himself if he's out of his comfort zone. But when he's at home....he's all boy and quiet is not even an option.

He has dimples for days........

He LOVES Cars. Cars, the movie....matchbox cars....convertibles he sees outside....anything to do with cars and he's a happy camper.

It will be really interesting to see how he is as a big brother. I know he'll be a good one, but it will be a whole new world for him. He'll lose his 'baby' position. Well.....I'm sure I can still keep him my Tanner baby.