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Friday, November 19, 2010

Proud mama

I have to say, if the boys ever quit wrestling I think I will be in mourning for a long time. I LOVE it! It is the most exciting sport they play. On the mat it's just your kid and the opponent. That's it for the 3 rounds. Unlike football where they may or may not get the ball or a play. In wrestling, it's all them for the moment and it's exciting!
Last night was probably the best night of wrestling in the 5 years we've been a part of it. It was the round robin tournament which means that every kid is on a mat with 3 other wrestlers in their weight class and they verse all of them. Unlike Wednesday night when we had the team tournament (where our team remained undefeated for the season and won the match to become 1st place champions), this one is for individual placement. We went into the evening with Tim and Trae both going all season undefeated in their individual matches and Tony and Tanner each only losing twice.
Okay, here's a warning.....I'm gonna brag about my kiddos for a minute so if you don't want to hear a mom who thinks her kids are the bomb...stop reading. :)
Seriously.....Tim and Trae are amazing on the mat. In all fairness to the mom braggin' thing.....I'm not the only one who thinks this. They stand out. I've heard more than a couple coaches on opposing teams tell their kid who is up against them that very same thing. On Wednesday, they both versed other undefeated kids and both easily pinned them. The coach to the one Tim challenged was overheard telling the kid not to worry about that one cuz Tim was the best wrestler in the organization. Honestly makes my chest heave with pride. Don't get me wrong, I'm proud of my boys no matter what they do and how good they are.....but dang, it's sure fun to hear stuff like that. Timmy has done a move to pin several times this year that everyone is calling his 'signature move'. He get his opponent in a position where he can grab him around the back of his neck and pull him around into almost a somersault and then presses the kids shoulders down for the pin. Hard to explain, but pretty cool to watch.
I was approached a couple weeks ago by the Middle school coaches and they want Tim to join their team for the season. Even though our boys go to private school, they are still allowed to play sports through any public school program. We're actually not going to have him do it for many various reasons (most of which have to do with the season's scheduling) but it was a compliment for them to notice him.
Trae is a wild man on the mat. This is not the same kid that is my drama queen at home. He's a different kid when he wrestles...it's quite the transformation. He has pinned just about every guy he's versed and even got a "tech" win on 2 matches which means he was winning by 15 points so they call the match. He just doesn't let up, the other kid just barely has a chance cuz Trae is all over him.
Our coaches are awesome! One coaches at the high school and the asst. is a H.S. wrestler himself. They have had fun this year teaching Tim and Trae moves that they don't normally teach at this level. Great ways to pin the opponent that look pretty darn cool when they pull it off. The kind of pin where the bodies get so wrapped around each other that the other kid hardly knows what hit him before the Pin is called. There are a few times when we've had other parents tell their kid to watch when Tim and Trae wrestle cuz they can learn something. I know Jason has had 2 other dads come up to him this year and tell him that they tell their sons to practice moves with them as much as possible cuz it's a good way to get better.
Our coach talked to us last night about them and Tony too (cuz he's got mad skills too for only being 7) and told us that at the level they're performing at this age, he could see them being state ranked in high school. Now, of course, this is an opinion and you just never know. But just the fact that he thinks that highly of them was quite a compliment and exciting to tell the boys.
Oh my gosh, okay that was more than just a minute of bragging. I'm just so proud of them. It's fun to see them doing so well.
Watching his brothers this season and last night made Tyler rethink his plan to quit wrestling this year. He had decided he wouldn't join the school's team in January for the first time in 4 years. Tyler's not as good at wrestling as his brothers. He never will be...it's just not his thing. I say that with total love and affection for my oldest, but being athletic is just not one of Tyler's strong points. Now, if you want to have a conversation about his grades and how he does in band....that's a different story, he excels. Each kid has his gifts. I've been really trying to get him to reconsider wrestling though. He's already put all these years into it, I thought he should finish out his 8th grade year. Plus, he will be the team captain and the coach has really been trying to get him to change his mind. Last night he told me that watching the other boys made him want to play again, so I'm really happy about that. I think he'll be glad he did.
So at the end of the night, we went home with Tanner winning second place and Tony, Trae, and Tim all getting first place. How exciting was that! They'll have their picture in the local city paper.
Tanner getting ready.....

Tony going in for the pin.....

Good sportsmanship first, Trae.....

Good form, Tim.....

First place winners!