"Tell your children of Him, and let your children tell their children, and their children to another generation." Joel 1:3

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Boys camping weekend

This weekend was the second annual father/son weekend that a friend of ours hosts up at his lake property.  It's mostly guys from our Couples in Christ weekend with some new faces this year as well.  Jay pretty much wins the contest, hands down, for bringing the most sons.  The guy that hosts has a trailer on a lake with great swimming and fishing for them all to do.  They actually brought the tent and did some roughing it at night.  Last year, I was all on my own for the weekend....but this year it was just me and Livi. 
On Friday night I met my friend, Helen, for dinner at Big Bowl....YUM.....I had Livi and she brought her 2 kids who are also from China.  It was funny because not long after we sat down, I commented to her that we probably look like a couple with our 3 adopted children.  Haha!! 
It was interesting that when Olivia and I arrived and saw them there, Livi ran up to her son Alex, laughing and smiling until she was right next to him.  He's 6, by the way....it's interesting because she doesn't even know Alex.  She's never even met him until that night.  But she ran up to him like she knew just who he was.  I looked at Helen and wondered if she saw him and thought he was someone she knew from China.  I mean, here he is with his short, black hair.....what if he reminded her of one of her friends there.  It was very sweet and kinda sad all at the same time.
The boys came home today with tons of stories about catching fish and having cannon ball contests off the dock.....dads and all.  They played flashlight tag at night and grilled up the fish they caught for dinner one night.  The only complaints they had about it was that the mosquitoes were the worst they've ever seen.  Jay said he's never experienced anything like it.....they didn't even stay out and have a bonfire at night, it was just too bad.  They spent the evenings in our friends trailer with no bugs and air conditioning.  The air was a welcome thing because the only other complaint wast he heat.  It was hot!  The temps have gotten into the 90's, but the humidity has made the heat index well over 100'.  It has been absolutely sweltering!  I can't believe they had to sleep in that out in the tent.  Jay said that when they would wake in the morning, their sleeping bags were wet from the moisture in the air.  UGH!!  Thank goodness they had the lake.  They said they were pretty much in the water non stop...even the adults.  And they went through a ton of water and juice.  Even the guys stopped drinking beer towards the end and decided it would be smarter to open the water.  Ya think??  hehe....
They got home at about 3:35pm today....about 5 seconds after my brother, Mike, showed up to pick up Tyler to come babysit for the night.  He didn't even walk in the house, he just went from one minivan to the next.  Good timing!
Well, I wish I had pictures to share of it all but I didn't send the camera with them.  I only have my nice one since the old one recently broke, and I didn't want them to have that in the tent just waiting to get stepped on.
Maybe if we're lucky someone else took some pictures of the weekend. 
I'll have to ask Jay about that....hmmmm....
I'm so glad they get to do this. Hopefully, it's the start of a really great tradition.  I know our friend that hosted has said he'd like it to be an annual thing, so that's great.  It's good for the dads and sons to have that time together. 
And, it's good for mom to have some quiet time at home. 
See, everybody wins!!