"Tell your children of Him, and let your children tell their children, and their children to another generation." Joel 1:3

Thursday, October 22, 2009

What to do...

I am just writing this cuz I've been trying to process it all since Tues. In the morning, I got notice from one of the daycare parents who's child I've watched for over a year and then in the afternoon, I got notice from another girl I take care of. Both had job and circumstance changes that prompted them to have to leave. So...just like that I'm down that money every month. Money that we save for our adoption, money that makes it a little easier to put up with even doing daycare when Lord knows I'd rather not, money that has to be replaced somehow or I'll have to do this longer. So, that last option is not even an option....I'm not doing this longer. I could replace them, but that would be rediculous too for only 5 months...I"m not doing that.
By Tues. night, I was telling myself I would just quit and figure out how to work extra hours at the salon and make up for it. Then I talked to mom on Wed. and she made me realize that was a hasty decision. So, now I'm at the point of trying to figure out if I can go back to working Fridays during the day and get a backup to watch the only 2 or 3 kids I will have. I'm liking this option the best so far. I've had time to think about it some more and I know I was jumping the gun at first....not that I ever do that....HA!
I know what I really need to do, I really just need to pray about it. I feel so strongly about this adoption and that we are meant to have this child that I have to believe that even this latest event puts us on a better path to get to her, not a harder one. It seems like a roadblock, but I think I need to just trust....have faith. We've come so far with everything. I feel with all my heart that there is a little girl in China that God wants to be a part of our family...so if thats true, why would he discourage us...He wouldn't. I think He's saying "Go this way instead". Am I strong enough to listen?

Timmy's team wins championship!

I'm so proud of him. He did such a good job playing for his first year! He was just about the smallest kid on his team, but that didn't stop him from being quick and fierce. He always played most of the game when they had one and he would do a good job of knowing where the ball was and going after it.