"Tell your children of Him, and let your children tell their children, and their children to another generation." Joel 1:3

Monday, May 4, 2009


It occurred to me today that it wouldn't be a bad idea to write about some of the funny things the boys have done from time to time. I wish I would have listened to my mom and wrote it all down when it actually happened. Gosh, what I wouldn't do for a journal of all the things that made us laugh over the years. It's really true what they say about each child having less and less memories about them around the house. Tyler and Timmy both have a baby book with a lot of stuff written in it, esp. Tyler's, Trae HAS a book....I just don't think there is anything really in it. Tony and Tanner don't even have one. :( Bad mommy!
Here are some of the recent classics I was thinking about.
Summer, 2008....We were in the car going to the zoo and Timmy asked me who fought in the Civil War. I explained to him, in my most teachery voice, that it was a war between the north and south parts of America and that the south wanted the black people to stay slaves and the people in the north wanted them to be free. I finished my best explanation and continued to drive. Within a minute, Trae, who was obviously in deep thought about what I had just told them, said "so it's a good thing then for Mindy....ya know....that the north won....ya know, for Mindy..." He said it almost hesitantly, but it was very clear what he was saying. I looked at his innocent and totally sincere face and couldn't help myself....I held back a laugh as I said..."you mean because she has dark skin?" "yah" Well, by now, I couldn't even fake it anymore....I was laughing so hard, I was crying. I said, "honey, she's still considered white" Hahaha!!!!!!! He was a bit embarrassed at this point..I just kept saying I'm sorry, honey. The vision of Mindy and her dark skin and Trae thinking that if she had lived 100 yrs. ago, she'd be a slave was just too much humor for me to contain. I called Mindy the first chance I got (along with everybody else in the family) and she could barely come up for air. Ahh...good times.

Winter 2009......I was in the kitchen with Tanner when I bent down to pick something up. Tanner says "mom, you have a big butt". Um..thanks? "gradma has a big butt too" HA! I said, "well, that's okay though, right?? We're still good people, right?" "Yah" Then I thought about it....he probably doesn't even know that this isn't a nice thing to say to a person...to him, it's just a fact. A depressing fact, but a fact none the less. So I said, "Ya know, Tanner, people don't like to hear that they have a big butt, it makes them feel bad. They would rather hear that they have a little butt. Okay?" "Okay". Done.
Fast forward about a week. I'm in my room picking up some clothes when my little truth teller is behind me once again. Only this time....."mom, you got a little butt" Holding back a bust out laugh "well, thank you, Tanner"......"grandma's got a big butt too" HAHA!!! Couldn't hold it back after that one. Called mom right away of course, and she thought it was hilarious. Hey, truth hurts...but sometimes I can be downright hysterical!

There's always the classic Timmy pronouncing his "F" as a "CH". This was most funny the night when he and Trae were running around in a circle through the living room and Timmy yells to Trae, "Chaster, Trae, Chaster" Or also the time I said something to tease him and he put his hands on his hips and said "Ha, Ha, very chunny" HA! Too darn cute!

It was also Timmy who was so excited about the fact that he was finally out of diapers that he decided to share it with everybody. This included the man sitting 3 rows behind us at church one morning...he turned around and said "Um, hello, hello....me wearing underwear" The tone of his voice in announcing this was the best part of the story...I hope I can always remember how that went. It was priceless.

How about when Jason was in Iraq so Trae would have been about 2. He was being so naughty in church that I started to walk out to the back and he yelled so everyone could hear him...."I don't want a spanking..." Oh Lord, nice. HA!

There are a million more and I think I'll keep posting them as I remember them. Hey, better late than never.


It's amazing how much stuff one family can accumulate in a short time. We were going to have a garage sale next weekend, but quickly realized yesterday that there was no way we'd be ready, so we're putting it off one more weekend. Half the garage is already full of stuff including things that a lot of ppl have brought over for us to sell. We put word out that we were having the sale as a fundraiser and got a good response. I hope we can get a good amount of change to make all this work worthwhile.
Last night, I read the book "You Are Special" by Max Lucado to the boys. It was recommended to me by Annie when I had told her about the trouble Tyler was having at school with the kids. It was a really good book and the boys really liked it. Tyler got it right away....he knew why I had gotten it and why I was reading it. Allowing God to be the one who values us and not letting others put us down and doubt ourselves is so hard and so important at the same time. I hope he can do that.
I only have 2 kids this morning (along with Tanner) and so I'm tempted to go do something somewhere, but I realize that this would be a really good opportunity to get a lot of things done for the sale. We'll see if common sense wins out over procrastination.