"Tell your children of Him, and let your children tell their children, and their children to another generation." Joel 1:3

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday Snapshot

With the holidays past, I can get back to Sunday Snapshot. As I should since I still have one little kiddo to brag about. It's Trae's turn.

Trae means three...third...a fitting name for our 3rd boy/child. This child was born with more hair than most kids have their first 2 yrs. of life. It was wild. Never did it lay down, it stuck up all over. He got his first haircut at 3 mos. old and NEEDED it!

Trae is my middle boy. He is 8 and in 3rd grade....a really fun age. He has had the nickname (thanks to aunt Mindy) Trae-Dogg....yes, that's a double G, thank you very much. Since he was about 2 weeks old he has been known as Trae-Dogg. So much so that when he had his preschool screening at the age of 4 and the woman asked him his middle name, he answered...with total sincerity....Dogg. His brothers and even his friends at school know him this way. It has stuck and I'm sure will continue to.

He is the one I say could be a comedian when he gets older. He loves to laugh and crack jokes. He's also my most sensitive boy. Too sensitive sometimes. He lets things bother him more than they should a lot of times, and we try and talk to him about not letting things get to him so easily. But...along with the sensitivity comes a sweet heart, and THAT I'll take any day.
He is in wrestling for his 4th year and does really well. He took home a first place trophy in Nov. in his weight class. He's skinny, but fast and tough. A good combination for a wrestler.

He's just moved downstairs into a bedroom with Timmy. He's a bit unsure about being so far away from mom and dad all night, but he's done just fine.

He's very animated when he talks about anything he's excited about and it was fun to hear all his questions about his future sis when we first told the kids the news.
It will be fun to see him with her. He'll be my boy (although not the only, I'm sure) to cry when we get home with her. He's very emotional and cries along with me at sappy movies. I love that.