"Tell your children of Him, and let your children tell their children, and their children to another generation." Joel 1:3

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Say Cheese!!

We got together recently for our family birthdays and since it would be the first time all 13 grandkids were together, it was the perfect opportunity for a photo op.

Tyler, you're the oldest, so you get to hold Ben. Alright, that's all of them...oh, how cute. Okay, everyone....smile!

Wait.....where's Josh? Josh, come here....
Okay, now smile everyone!

Josh? Josh....where'd you go? Sit up, Josh. Just one more quick picture, buddy. I know, I know...you're tired. C'mon kids....okay...and, SMILE!

Alex, can you get Josh to sit back up? That's it...just scoop him back up so we can get just one more. Josh.....Josh....

Tony?? Tony....help your cousin get Josh up. Everyone else...keep smiling, we're almost done.....

Oh, who are we kidding. We're not perfect. But who wants to be perfect anyway...? I think we're pretty normal.....and that's just fine with us.


The beginning of August is the time of Vacation Bible School at church. We missed it the last 2 summers because I was doing daycare. Not this year. Not only did the youngest 4 get to all participate, Tyler and I were volunteers for the week as well.
I was a 4th grade governer, which means I had to help get the class of 10 kids from one station to another throughout the morning. Chapel for singing, bible teaching, crafts, drama, rec time, snack, etc. It was really a great way to be involved because I was able to be with the kids all day, but didn't have to actually teach the lessons. Trae was in my class so I think next year I'll help with 7th grade when Timmy is that age. On the Thurs. of the week, they have an evening program and pie/ice cream social.
The program is the best part. All the kids get to go up front and sing the song they've been working on all week....actions and all.

Then the 7th graders do a more profound song and dance that is always very moving. I can't wait for Timmy to be a part of that next year.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Meeting Bennett

On Friday, July 30th, Bennett and Lindsey got home from Texas and we were all too excited to wait even a day to see them and meet our newest nephew. It was so amazing to see this little guy.....all 5 pounds of him. I'd never seen a baby so small much less held one. He was cuter than we even imagined and we are so happy for Pat and Lindsey.

The boys all made signs to hang at their house for when they got home. I had to share this one that Tony and Tanner made. Tony wrote the words (spelled everything on his own except "Welcome") and drew the picture of "Benit" under the rainbow with "God" looking over him. He also helped Tanner draw a picture of "H " . Tanner drew the picture of the family. Pat reaching up to put his arm around "Lindsey" as she holds "Benit" on her lap. How cute is that. I love when kids are learning to spell and they sound out their words.
I made an impromptu cake for the event that matched his room....and I did it before even knowing that it would match. Pretty cool.

This is me holding him for the first time. I had never seen, much less held, a little peanut that small. He's just soooo cute and he was looking right at me. Adorable!

All the cousins waiting their turn. Little Ben was causing quite the excitement.

Tanner's turn.....

Tony's turn....He LOVES babies!

Trae get's a turn.....

Timmy holds Ben next....

And Tyler gets a turn.

Jay finally gets his turn.

This little guy sure is loved already by his whole, large, extended family. We are so excited to be able to see him grow up and be part of this crazy brood.

Monday, August 2, 2010


Tony and Tanner finished up their season of T-ball last Wednesday with a night game for all the parents. They played for about 6 weeks on every Monday and Wednesday for an hour. It was funny to watch some of the antics when little kids are learning the game, but on the other hand....they do pretty well. They really start to understand the game and how it works. It's fun to watch them, but I'm secretly glad they're done. It's just one less thing we have to be on time for this summer. Plus, Trae and Timmy played on the same days in the afternoon, so my 2 weekdays off were pretty full. They still have a couple weeks left and then the countdown to school starting begins.....muuuhaahaaa.....*insert evil grin here*......