"Tell your children of Him, and let your children tell their children, and their children to another generation." Joel 1:3

Friday, May 28, 2010


Timmy has had a pretty tough year with his grades. He's always been that kid that has to work hard for a C and Jay and I are fine with that. We've never been very 'grade oriented' parents.....we put far more importance on their effort and behavior/character at school. If the grades slip because they're slacking off or not doing their homework.....that's one thing, but when they do the work and struggle with the classwork and tests, that's another. That's the situation with Timmy. All along the teacher has been sending us grade notifications by email when he has a D or, once this year, even an F. She's very good about letting us help him redo the test he failed and she'll give him partial credit back and we've done plenty of extra credit work this year.
So, yesterday I was up at the school and happened to run into her in the hallway. We talked about him and how I didn't really know what to do to help him. I feel like he's getting into middle school years now and it will only get more difficult and he'll just keep getting pushed along. It's like I want to put my hands up and just say "okay, hang on...just stop for a minute....let's get him on track and then we can continue with the school year" but....unfortunately it doesn't work that way. I had the idea to check into getting him some extra summer help. Maybe something that could get him caught up a bit before starting 6th grade, or maybe something that could help him learn to study in a way that he could retain info easier...something. I remembered that when we had Tony at the public school for kindergarten last year, they recommended he attend a six week summer class a few mornings a week. It was paid by the district so there was no cost to us. I wondered if there was anything like that for a kid Timmy's age so when I left the school I went to the district building. The lady sent me to the office of the person who could help me. I told her what I was looking for and where he went to school. Here's where I explain why I titled this "unfair".
Yes, there is a summer program offered through the district for kids his age needing a little extra help.....unfortunately, because he is not registered in the public school system he is not eligible. Because all funding is based on the number of kids in school, he (and any of my other boys for that matter) can't take part in any district help. Um...let me get this straight......I pay my taxes just like everyone else.....one of the benefits of paying our taxes is the opportunity for public school education.....but because we've chosen to send them to Catholic school, we have also forfeited all rights that the rest of the neighborhood kids get. Yah, that sounds like a government plan.
This lady I was talking to was actually very nice and I could tell she agreed with me when I said 'well,that kinda stinks'. She gave me some helpful suggestions like having his teacher give us a pack of stuff to work with him over the summer or looking into some community ed. There would be a fee, but it would be cheaper than getting a tutor (not that we were necessarily gonna do that, but we were open to anything)
I don't worry about Tim when it comes to the long run and his future. I have no doubt he will do great things and he'll find what interests him and something he'll be great at. And he won't need to be great at science or math to do it...LOL. I just don't want him feeling like he's always one step behind for the next 7 years of schooling. The years are only gonna get harder. Well, something else to pray about.
By the way....he would die if I told him I was trying to find some summer school for him. Haha....