"Tell your children of Him, and let your children tell their children, and their children to another generation." Joel 1:3

Friday, February 11, 2011

Livi's room

I have been so excited to do this post. I was waiting until I had the final piece in place and that package came yesterday. So, here it is. I LOVE LOVE her room.
I had seen that wall tree about a year ago and totally fell in love with it. I saved it to my faves on the computer and finally ordered it last month. Mindy helped me put on every individual flower and it turned out so pretty.

The same thing goes for the bed. I had been at Ikea over a year ago and just loved it. I never forgot about it and in December, Jay and I went to get it.

The little table, I found online and loved how it matched the lines in the woodwork of the bed. Makes it look like it was bought at the same place.

The trunk under the window was actually found used. I was just looking around and came across it. Again, it had the same lined wood like the bed and now the table so it just seemed perfect.

I got this shelf used too. It was a dark brown, but I painted it white to match. The last piece of the room I was waiting for were the baskets. I had originally had different ones picked out, but they were expensive so I started looking around again. I ended up finding these for half the cost and I think I actually like them better.

This is an idea I got last year at Tanner's preschool. It's a ribbon hanging (I got these cool oversized clothes pins to hold it) and then you use mini clothes pins to clip pictures up the whole thing. I'm gonna put a bunch of family pics on it and it's in a spot of her room where she will be looking right at it when she's in bed.

And finally....I had to pull out a few of my favorite things from her closet.

Tanner's foot

A few days ago, Tanner started complaining about something on the bottom of his foot. I took a look and was pretty surprised at what I found. He has this wart thing on the bottom of his foot that looks like a mound of skin with yellow cottage cheese underneath.....paints a pretty picture, huh.....I wasn't sure though what it was so I took him to our doctor to be sure. He said it is just a certain type of wart and that we could try and treat it with something over the counter. We got this thing at the store that sort of freezes it. It looked weird and sort of stung, but we'll see if it works.
The pictures don't really do it justice. It's pretty big and very strange looking and it's very sensitive to touch which stinks when you're trying to walk.