"Tell your children of Him, and let your children tell their children, and their children to another generation." Joel 1:3

Monday, June 15, 2009

Our vacation so far

Well, it's Monday and we've been at the resort since Saturday afternoon. We got up here around 3pm and got the keys to the 3 places we're renting. Two were great...but one smelled so badly of stale smoke, no one wanted to stay there. It wasn't just a little that had just been from the last people staying there..it was obvious this had been a regular thing. We spoke to the owners and they were nice enough to switch us to another cabin that is really nice and new.
Yesterday the weather was beautiful. We were down at the water most of the day getting plenty of sunburn amongst all of us. We didn't put sunscreen on right away and were paying for it last night. It's all good though, I could use a little sun.
So after dinner, the adults were sitting on the deck at our cabin while the kids played at the park behind the cabin. We heard some crying and then it turned to screaming. Jay and I got up and all the adults came around the corner...as we did, I saw Jay take off running which scared me so much that I started running too. All the time, the kids were screaming. I knew something bad had happened.
When I got around the cabin, all I saw was Timmy laying on the ground in a ball holding his face yelling "my eye". Then I saw his face. It was completely covered in blood. I yelled to the others to quick get a towel. I couldnt' tell where he was bleeding from....then I saw it. On his right cheek less than an inch away from his eye, was a gash that was open and pouring out blood. Jay picked him up and got him in the van while I ran to get my keys. We raced to the ER, he laid his head on my lap the whole time. His head was pounding and he was really hurting.
The long story short is that he ended up needing 6 stitches. It was really hard to watch and he was so scared. He got through it though and will be okay. Thank you God...it could have been so much worse.
Turns out he was on the teeter totter with Trae and when Trae got off too fast, Timmy slammed down and hit his face on the metal pipe that was used for the handle. It's interesting cuz we had all commented on that teeter totter when we arrived the day before. It was so big that the ends raised up almost 7 feet high when one side was up all the way. We had told the kids to be careful on it. Sometimes, I hate being right.
On a side note...Mike and Kristin had already gone to the ER and were there when we arrived. Molly and Sam were so sick that they brought them in. There was no one else there but our family. Not exactly what we had in mind for our trip.
On a much lighter note. When we were coming on Sat. a deer bolted out in front of the car and I had to break hard. The kids were all excited to see it and I was saying it was a good thing we didn't hit him. Tony says from the back seat.."mom, they should put a deer crossing sign there....that way we know when the deer are coming" Haha. He's so funny.
I'll post pics of Timmy's face after we get home from the cabin. OH, I forgot to mention. This morning Jay went the the owners to talk to them about what happened and about what a bad liability that was.....within 20 minutes, the guy was outside disassembling it.