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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Spare time

This is the sort of thing the boys do in their spare time....Legos creations.....big ones. I love it actually. It sure beats watching them numb themselves in front of some mindless TV show. Tyler did this one and took pictures of it before destroying it....which, by the way, if you're a boy, is as much (if not more) fun than building it in the first place.
Here are the pics of the house he made, complete with 5 levels, interior rooms, stairways, furniture, and crazy detail.
Can you find all the elements he put into each part?
In the kitchen.....
Do you see the sink? The cabinets and the fridge? How about the stove?

This is the living room....
There is a stairway and entry door, a couch (with a remote on the end) a fireplace and a small TV. Find them all?

He even made his bedroom....
Look closely and you'll see a bathroom (with no walls...LOL) a stairway into it, a nightstand with lamp, his bed with even a pillow, dresser, and a desk.

Every great house should have a game room....
...and every game room should have a pool table and a ping pong table.

As if having a game room wasn't enough, he added a dance studio. Do you see the DJ table and the red, blue, and green dancing lights?

Next is the family room. There's a couch with remote, large screen TV with a Wii along the side of it. Pretty cool.

And here it is. The whole thing. It's all enclosed from the outside, but if you open it up layer by layer you find all the details he worked so hard on. Very creative!

Wanna know what I consider the most impressive part of all of this?.......
It's the fact that my family room floor in the background is actually clean. Wow...now that's impressive.