"Tell your children of Him, and let your children tell their children, and their children to another generation." Joel 1:3

Sunday, March 7, 2010

This and That

Pretty much been our typical week around here. Last night we let Trae have a couple friends sleep over for his birthday. While we were here doing that, Jason was with Mike playing poker at a friends house and Tyler was babysitting his kids. He was so excited to be asked. He did a good job having cleaned up the house and even changing Josh's diaper. I was really proud of him and he was very happy about what he got paid. Mindy paid him as well cuz he was watching Kaylee too....so double duty his first time out. He's getting so big, I can't believe it. I'm not old enough to have a son that is old enough to babysit.

Tomorrow morning, I'm getting our taxes done. I'm anxious to be done with them and see what kind of refund we'll be getting. Jason claims zero all year so they take a lot out of his checks to off-set my being self-employed. Between our deductions and child credits we usually get enough to put a good chunk down on the kids tuition for the upcoming fall. We've done that for years now. I always envy the people who use their return for fun spending....a trip, new furniture, a new TV....but then, I don't really. We make our decision to send them to Catholic school and I wouldn't change that for anything, so instead I look at it as a great blessing that we can use this money to help with that. Besides, I'm thinking we need to take advantage of it while we can this year......looks like our Pres., who wasn't gonna raise taxes on the middle class (no one actually believed that, did they) is just gonna take away our child tax credit instead. Oh, and is also trying to make our charitable donations not deductible anymore. Hmmm...call me crazy, but isn't that just the same as raising? Seems like semantics to me.....but, I digress, this is not a political blog. Just needed a teeny, weeny vent 'bout that. Carry on.