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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Update on Livi!

I'm super excited....today we received an update on Olivia from her orphanage. The liaison for our agency was able to get in contact with the director and have a ton of questions about her answered.
Here are some of the highlights
~Height: 83cm, Weight: 12.5kg, Head circumference: 46cm, chest: 48.5, teeth: 16, foot length: 14cm.
This makes her about 27.5 pounds and about 32 inches tall.
~Both physical and mental development are very good. She could walk on her own now, very alert and swift. She likes to imitate others. She likes to smile, to talk and likes busy and noisy places. She could understand simple sentences. She knows her name and say Auntie and a few of her friends name.
Guess she'll be right at home in our crazy house.
~She eats two meals with conjee, each time about two small bowls. Three meals of formula with rice cereal, about 300ml each time. She likes to eat snack such as candy, cracker and steamed buns. Sounds like there is not much variety in her menu.
I wonder how long it will take for her to learn the English word for french fries.
~She seldom cries and in case she does, play with her for a while, she will be fine.
~We call her Ming Juan.
I was able to let them know if there was anything specific I wanted to ask....beyond the obvious stuff I knew they'd already be saying. I had asked if they say her full name or shorten it to Ming.
~She uses a bottle.
Uh oh....we'll have to work on that. I never had a bottle drinker once the boys turned one. We won't be in a hurry though.....small steps.
~She is outgoing and has good appetite.
Oh yah...she'll fit right in.
~We still uses diaper for her.
Kinda figured this....already bought some to pack.
And the most important and really most surprising...
~She has third degree of cleft lip and palate. Never had a surgery yet.
Ah....little sweetie.