"Tell your children of Him, and let your children tell their children, and their children to another generation." Joel 1:3

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Speeding, wrong directions and police equals 40 minutes late

Tyler had his first football game today and it was in North Branch...about a 40 minute drive from home. I had to work and got off just in time....almost....to get up there to the game and only be 5-10 minutes late...or so I thought. It took me getting about 20 feet away from the State Trooper on the freeway to see him just in time to look at my spedometer and see the pin pointing to 83 (in my defense, the limit is 70....maybe that's not a good defense). Whoops. No escaping that one. He pulled out of his space and got behind me. He walked up and asked for for my license and insurance. He told me I was going pretty fast....."yah, I got a little carried away".....he asked where I was headed and I said I was trying to get to my son's 3pm game...it was almost 3 at the time, so this wasn't helping. Well, he came back and said he was giving me a warning. Thank you, God. I thanked him and went on my way, knowing I had dodged a bullet.
When I got to the North Branch exit, I followed the coaches directions and went for about 12 miles the wrong way before turning around and calling Jay. The coach had written the wrong directions down in his email. UGH!! That took me another 20 minutes out of my way. I was so frustrated at this point, I darn near turned around and just went home. I got there and there was one quarter left. I watched Tyler do one punt return play and stand on the sidelines the whole rest of the time. Apparently, he had only played a couple plays until that as well. So.....I left work at 2:10 and got to the game at 3:40 all to see Tyler on the field for about 90 seconds. This reminds me of a wrestling match last year and a similar story....minus the police.
We got home, I picked up Cub fried chicken dinner on the way, and now I'm in my pj's knowing full well that the minute I leave the computer and sit on the couch....I'll. Be. Out.

Lighthearted moment of the day......Tyler was sitting in the front seat of the van on the way home and was trying to say something to Trae who was all the way in the back. Trae couldn't hear him and I told Tyler he should LOOK at Trae so he could hear him better...I'm thinking, turn around...face him...speak up...Tyler puts the visor down and looks in the mirror to SEE Trae and starts talking again. Oh my gosh, what a goofball.
This is also the same kid who came up and gave me a big hug yesterday and said I love you, mom. When I said I love you too...he said "No, no, no, whenever I do this you're line is 'What do you want and how much is it?' " HA! I told him not to hold his breath waiting to hear THAT from me. :)