"Tell your children of Him, and let your children tell their children, and their children to another generation." Joel 1:3

Monday, September 7, 2009


We just got home from a full weekend of camping and I had 2 priorities upon coming in the house....empty the cooler and go to the computer....in that order only out of duty, not want. I've gone through major withdrawal without my puter for 4 days and now feel complete once again. I have no time to blog about our weekend adventures at the moment,(stayed tuned and know that when I DO write about it, it will mean that I am showered, in pj's, and sippin' a Mike's Hard Lemonade) but I just had to come on and change my deadline ticker. I got to knock off 4 days...just like that...and I didn't even watch daycare kids on those 4 days....THAT. FELT. GOOD!
To be continued.........