"Tell your children of Him, and let your children tell their children, and their children to another generation." Joel 1:3

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Weekend

Leroy and Lil are in town this weekend. They arrived on Friday in the midst of chaos with the daycare kids and parents picking up....but that's okay. Once it settled down we were able to sit outside and relax and visit. They took us out to dinner at The Outback where I ate way too much but had a great lunch for the next day saved.
Yesterday, mom and dad came over at about 3pm. I had to work until 1pm and then Lil and I went to some garage sales for a bit. I was so excited to find junior size golf clubs and a bag for Tyler for only $15. I'm no expert, but they look really nice. I didn't show them to him cuz I'm going to give them to him for his birthday....I know most parents don't shop for their kids' birthdays at the neighbors houses, but when I get a find like that I like to save it as a surprise rather than just come home and give them to him. I'll throw some other things into the pot, but he will be so excited about those. When mom and dad came, we sat outside and talked...played some "Battle of the Sexes" and won, of course...then we threw some burgers and brats on the grill. It was a nice afternoon. I can't remember the last time we were able to just be home and chill.
Today, after going to church with Leroy, we all took the kids to Lilli Putt to do some mini golf and go Karts. We had such a good time, and thanks to my online check for coupons before leaving, got a really good deal on a fun afternoon. They paid for everything including a trip to DQ to finish off the day. They insisted saying that they aren't able to ever treat the kids, and us, this way like they are able to with the grandkids in IL. Very nice.
They are at dinner with Casey right now and we are hoping to reconvene our pinnacle playing that we started before they left. The score is 1-1...so a tie breaker is definately in order.
We met up with Greg and Sherri after church to touch bases about the Couples in Christ group we'd like to get started. I had invited Dawn and Corey to join us and it looks like we now have 6 couples ready to go. I can't tell you how happy I am about that. Not just that we have a really good start on things, but because it hasn't had to be all up to me. I'm not used to this....having other people take the reigns and be as anxious as us to get going. What a blessing...I'm very excited to see how it all works out.
I think God knows that we really need this. I know I do and I know Jason does. We need some friends who we can connect with that share our faith, family values, and priorities. I think this is just the place to find that.