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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Emailing Tyler's teachers...

This is the letter I just sent the three 6th grade teachers this morning. I'm not one to get involved too much with school incidents, but when it goes on like it has...it's time to get other adults involved.

I wanted to tell you all what has been going on with Tyler at school. Throughout most of the year, he has been teased and made fun of...everything from being called fat to stupid to gay. As the year has gone on, it's gotten worse. He tells us often about the kids saying he is stupid and dumb and how much this bothers him, esp. since he's a good student. Recently we learned just how often the gay term is used on him. This is obviously a hard thing for a young boy to have to hear from his peers. Yesterday when he said it happened a couple times.....once with one of the girls saying he was gay and once with a boy asking him how it felt to be gay.....I decided that I had to contact you and see if you can help us. This has to stop. We try and talk to him about not listening to it and trying to not let it bother him. I've talked to him about approaching the kids and asking them to please stop. Maybe some of you have heard in the last few weeks about the 2 boys (in totally different states), both in 6th grade, both called gay at school, who committed suicide. I'm not saying Tyler is at a point like that....but it did raise a real red flag with my husband and me about just how much effect these sort of comments can have on a child. My husband has been talking about him switching schools....but I don't think that's the answer.

Tyler is real concerned that if I tell you that somehow then the kids will know he 'told' on them. I assured him that this could be handled in a way that keeps his name out of it. Maybe some talking to the class from you or Ms. McCorkle about those other boys' stories that I just mentioned....let them know just how harmful those sort of words can be. I know you will think of something that can help us and help Tyler have a good last month of school. He's a sweet boy and this just breaks our hearts to see him hurt like this. I look forward to hearing any ideas you have.

Feel free to contact me via email or phone.
Thank you,
Jenny Janisch
I recieved a message back almost immediately from one asking when this is happening at school, that that would help them.
Then his main homeroom teacher just replied saying how sad she was to hear this is still going on (I had talked to her briefly this winter) and that she thought things were going better for him. She also wanted to know when during school this was happening.
I'm glad they are taking it seriously, I'm tired of him being hurt. Kids can be so mean.