"Tell your children of Him, and let your children tell their children, and their children to another generation." Joel 1:3

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Livi's package

I recently got a package together to send to Livi at her orphanage. I had sent a small one back when we first got our LOA that had a Ni Hao Kai Lan sticker book in it, but wanted to do something bigger and more fun. I wanted to wait until it got closer to when we would be going there to send her the photos of us because I thought our pictures would be more fresh in her memory. I'm really hoping that the people at the orphanage will show her the pics and help talk to her a bit about them. I've heard many stories and it could go either way....some are really great about it and some don't do much, so we'll see.
We got a doll, some hair bows, some Hello Kitty stickers, some socks, some pj's,
a coloring book with crayons, and a photo book with our pictures.
I printed out the Chinese characters to label our pictures.

The address label for her orphanage....

Spelling Bee

On Wednesday last week, Tyler was in the school spelling bee. He won in his classroom so he got to move to the next level. There were 12 kids between 6th and 8th grade. It was at 1pm at the school and he wanted to make sure I was going to be there, which of course, I was. I admit, I wasn't too overly excited about it. I certainly didn't mind going and wouldn't have missed it, but I just figured.....I'll go, listen to some words being spelled, and go home. In fact, I thought if Tyler got out early on...I'd just sneak out sooner.
Somehow this sounds worse as I write it than it did when I was actually thinking it....
I got there just as it was about to start. The whole gym was full of students and teachers and the kids in the bee were up on the stage. The principal gave a quick talk about how it was going to work and what to expect and then said they would do a practice round first.
Tyler was #9 of the 12 kids to have his turn. When it came time for him to step up to the podium, he was given the word..."citizen".
"I'm sorry, that is incorrect"
Tyler sat back down, shoulders slouched, with a grin that told me he was slightly embarrassed about getting his first word wrong. I looked at him, I looked at my watch....1:05pm....Dang, I thought, I can get outta here pretty early. As I was thinking this, I started to laugh.
Actually, I started to get the 'church giggles'. You know, the laughing you do at totally inappropriate times....where your shoulders shake and you're trying so hard to be quiet.
I don't know why....it just happened.
I just couldn't help it. Something about the look on Tyler's face and the fact that my first thought was "yay, I get to go" rather than "oh, my poor baby" just struck me funny. Maybe it was guilt and I was trying to mask it with laughter.
The worse part is that there were other parents sitting behind me wondering, I'm sure, why the heck I thought it was funny.
Within a couple minutes, once the last kid spelled his word, and just as I was about to sneak out the back door....the principal got up and said "okay, that was our practice round....now we will begin round 1".
Oh my gosh, the practice round....I had totally forgotten. That didn't even count.
My whole focus shifted and suddenly I was clapping and rooting on Tyler....which if I would have really thought about that, would have made me start laughing all over again.
Well, long story short.....not only did Tyler NOT miss his first word, he went on to win the whole dang thing. Each round as more and more kids got knocked out, there he sat....having gotten his only misspelled word out of his system back in the practice round....and spelled every word after correctly.
I was so excited, I never knew spelling bees could actually be so much fun! I guess it really doesn't matter what it is...if it's your child involved, you can't help but like it.
As they started to hand out the ribbons and trophy to him, I nudged another mom with a camera and asked her if she could take some pictures for me since I hadn't brought mine with (seriously....who would have thought I needed a camera for a spelling bee).
I was really proud of him and now he will be going to the state competition in March. I"m afraid we might not be here for it since it could be while we're in China, but if we are I will be there in the front row.....with my camera....cheering him on....and NOT laughing.

I'm sure am glad I didn't leave early.