"Tell your children of Him, and let your children tell their children, and their children to another generation." Joel 1:3

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My deadline

Okay, so I was talking to one of my clients last night.....Hi Victoria....and
telling her my hopes for being done with daycare. I said how my first goal of being done in January, when we get home from our cruise, was short-lived and that now I was hoping to be done only a couple months later. She made me realize I needed to stop just hoping and making goals...which can obviously change....and just set a deadline. Set a date and start counting down. Set a date that won't change, one that can be looked at as the end no matter what. Hmmm...that made me think. Somehow setting a deadline rather than just having a goal in mind seems more solid....like it will actually happen. So, I'm doing it. I'm setting my deadline for Friday, April 2nd. This means I'll have only 2 months to go once we get home from our trip. I can handle that....I think.
That's 7 months from now...30 weeks...213 days...5112 hours...306,720 minutes...18,403,200 seconds...but who's counting.
I'm setting a 'money saved' goal on top of this deadline as well. Rather than wait until the time draws near and just see where we're at...I'm setting a 'must have saved' goal to this so that I give myself a deadline for that also. I'll keep the amount I have in mind to myself for now, but it's no small number....it's a lot and it will take a lot of work and planning, but we can do it. I'm suddenly excited about this for the first time rather than nervous and anxious.

I'm excited to do less of this....

....and more of this...

Wish me luck!