"Tell your children of Him, and let your children tell their children, and their children to another generation." Joel 1:3

Thursday, March 10, 2011

3rd full day with Livi

This morning I decided to take some pictures of Olivia's breakfast. It's pretty boring looking, not much color, heck.....not really much flavor....but hey, it's what works for her. She's actually not crazy about the hotel congee and mostly just picked at her steamed bun this morning.

Today was the 4th day in a row where we had to be somewhere for an appointment. This time it was the doctor for Miss Olivia.

I got her bathed and dressed and looking adorable for her appointment.

The clinic is only about a 10 minute walk from the hotel so our guide met us here and we walked over together. We are using a stroller from a local store who lets parents check them out for free for the whole time they're here.

We got there and didn't have to wait at all even though it was crazy busy....there was a separate area with a sign saying it was for adopted children and we were the only non-Chinese people there so we must have been able to go to that area right away. She had to do 3 things.....see the ENT who checked her out for about 2 minutes, got weighed and measured (which she did not like at all), and then saw a Dr. to get a pretty simple check up.

He noted that she had a Mongolian spot on her lower back and bottom, which I had seen the first night we had her. Luckily, I had just found out about those at our agency before we left or I would have thought she had bruises on her back and butt since that's exactly what they look like. The last thing she had to have done is a TB shot. They did this in her forearm and oh my goodness was she upset. She got so worked up that when the nurse put down the needle and went to just swab her arm, Olivia kicked her.....good. She wanted no part of that woman near her again. Actually, it made me realize that she will probably hold her own just fine when we get home to all those brothers. hehe....

On the walk back, we did some shopping at some of the places on the island. We got her some squeaky shoes....a must for any child in China.....2 dresses, and something for her to wear at her upcoming Baptism. I'm super excited about that outfit, it's so pretty.

After lunch and some quiet time back at the hotel, we ventured out again to do some shopping. When we walked out of the hotel and went to put Livi in her stroller, she started crying harder than we've heard her yet. We couldn't figure it out, she was just fine when we used it yesterday and this morning. All we could finally think of was that she was thinking we were going to the dr. again. That was the last time she was in it. That must be it because she just screamed and kicked to get out. Needless to say, we took her out and carried her. I brought a Snugli thing here with the intention of using that to carry her, but she is one heavy girl. All those updated totals we got about her height and weight were totally accurate. I know there was a few of you who questioned whether or not it was, but she's a big girl so we really need the stroller for long days out and about. Hopefully, she will do better tomorrow.

Today was really the first day we've bought much. We had gotten a couple things in Beijing, but nothing since. We went into this one shop that had some great buys. The more I looked around, the more I ended up getting. I needed to get out of there. The funny thing is that in all these places the people that work there follow you around and suggest things left and right. I can't just go and look at some rows of dresses, they will instead start pulling them off the rack and tell me how much and how I should get several for her. This is everywhere. No matter what place, Beijing, Guangzhou, a mall, a small vendor, doesn't matter....they all do the same thing. You can't really just browse in peace. If you even hesitate at something, they pick it up, show you 4 more colors and sizes and lay them all out for you. Sometimes it gets a bit annoying, if I’m being honest. But, then I know that this is a different culture and they do things differently here. I'm sure they think they are being helpful and that this is what you want. The place I spent a while at today, the girl was very cute. She was showing me all sorts of things and actually I was asking her about a lot of stuff too.....like what things were or what they meant. I left there with some cute t-shirts for Livi. One that says Mei Mei (little sister) and one that says "made in China". I mean, how could I pass those up. And for about 25 Yuan a piece (that's about $3.50 each)....it was an easy buy.
The whole area surrounding the hotel is just beautiful. I love how quaint and peaceful it is....nothing like the craziness of Beijing.
We passed a Starbucks....

and a Kindergarten.......

and even an elementary school where we could hear all the children playing in the gym. It made me really miss the boys.

The best part of the day was when we went to Jordan's shop. Remember when I mentioned meeting Jordan? He came up to us on Monday before we got Olivia and told us to stop by his shop so he could write out her name in Chinese for us for free. Well, we went and we were there for over an hour and a half. This guy was a riot! He did Olivia's name beautifully while we looked around his shop grabbing a few things here and there, then we got talking. And let-me-tell-ya, this guy can talk....a lot. But, it was great! He was hilarious and just about the most animated guy I've ever met. He told us all these stories about when his shop used to be next door to the Polish Embassy and near the US Consulate. At one point, Jason noticed the open book in front of him and although it was all in Chinese, somehow Jay asked him if it was a Bible. Jordan said yes, it was and he said he was a Christian. We told him that we were too. Well, you'd have thought we just told him he won the lottery. He stood up and hugged Jason and I both and said Oh, God bless you....oh, that's wonderful. Then he went and hugged Olivia and said 'she will be Christian too' He was just so excited to hear that. He talked about his church near his home and how he reads the Bible in between customers because it gives him energy for his soul. He was just a great, great person. I wish I could have recorded that whole conversation so you could see him. What a neat guy. On a side note, we found out there is a Catholic Church only a few blocks from the hotel. It has daily mass, so we will go on Sunday morning. That should be really interesting because it will be in Chinese. I wish I could take the flip with me, but I don't think that would be very reverent. :)

So, before I sign off I have to say that tonight I actually ate something Chinese. I ordered sweet and sour chicken at Lucy's. It was actually the best thing I've had there yet.

Jason also ventured away from the traditional western menu choices and ordered.......enchiladas. hahahaha!!

Anyone wanna guess what our little princess ate?