"Tell your children of Him, and let your children tell their children, and their children to another generation." Joel 1:3

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Never judge a book by it's cover

Tonight, Jay and I made a trip to Costco for our upcoming camping trip.
Afterwards we headed to Applebees where we had a gift card to spend on some half-off appetizers. 
About 10 minutes after we sat down, a large group of about 15 teenagers walked in and were quickly seated at the table right next to our booth. 
As I saw them ALL pass by, one by one, I looked at Jay and said, "oh brother".  
Ya know, like "great, now we have a table full of loud, obnoxious teens next to us."
That really sounds terrible now as I write it.....it didn't feel that way at the time.  Hmm.....
We continued on with our order and conversation.....pretty much forgetting about the teens next to us, as they were just pretty quiet and having some normal conversations between them all.
We saw them all order and about 15 minutes later receive their food. 
One by one, they waited until all were served before anyone started in. 
"That's polite of them."  I thought  "waiting like that for everyone to get their food before they eat their own"
As soon as the last plate was placed on the table....
and the server walked away....
all 15 heads bowed down....
and all 30 hands folded at the table.....
and they prayed. 

That moment gave me immense hope for our future
and the potential for my kids to find good friends like these teens obviously had.......

.....and it taught me a very valueable lesson.

Trying again...and again...and again....

In the spirit of the upcoming summer season, I've decided it's time, once again, to get serious about getting healthy.
I just finished watching the Biggest Loser Finale and was crying through most of it. Just seeing the difference in these contestants and the way their smiles have changed from when they started losing weight....
....made me want to be there
In a big way.
So, at the risk of failing...yet again...and doing in front of anyone reading this...again....I'm re-starting my diet blog.
I never got rid of it...just gave it a break for a while.
Okay, so it was a year.
Sheesh...I just think if I had stuck with it....where I could be right now.
But....I digress.
It's gotta be better to start over again...and again...and again...well you get the picture...than to never try again.
I know this is a cop-out, but I am starting after we get home from camping this Memorial weekend.
Not because I want to be able to eat everything possible....
Okay, maybe that is why.
But really I am hoping to use some quiet time in those few days to make some serious menu plans and snack idea lists.
I plan to make it a family affair.
I know Tyler wants to change some things before heading off to High School this fall....
And I know Jay could use some changes himself.
We all could.
Below is the button that will bring you to my healthy eating blog. I'll restart it on Tues. but you can check up on what I started last year.
I just did and I was surprised at how well I really was doing for those couple weeks.
I am determined to do better this year and stick with it.

P.S. I am eating a Hostess Ho Ho while I write this. Is that bad?