"Tell your children of Him, and let your children tell their children, and their children to another generation." Joel 1:3

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dome and Hayride

Jason left for South Dakota on Friday to go hunting with his dad. It happened that it was a pretty eventful weekend that he was missing. On Friday night, the boys had a football event at the Dome. Timmy's team suited up and actually got to play a whole game on the turf, Tylers team played some flag football and had more fun. The boys thought it was pretty cool to be on the same field as all the great football players. They were laying down on it saying "Brett Favre was standing right here". Ha...it was pretty funny. Tim's team had their banquet afterwards at a pizza place. I had to leave the Dome with the 4 of them and bring them there, then get their pizza ordered since it was 8pm by now and they were starving, then leave them there to hopefully not go too crazy while I headed back to the Dome to get Tyler who was just finishing up. By the time we got back, they were just handing out trophy's and talking about each player a bit. Timmy hadn't gotten his yet (there were saving his for last cuz they knew I wasn't there). Fun night.

Tanner laying down in the endzone....

Trae was overcome with emotion and love upon seeing the goal post. Ha!...

On Sat. our whole family went on a hayride and had a bonfire. It was such a great fall thing to do and the night could not have been more perfect. The air was cool, but it was not too cold. The rain from the day before had gone away and we were left with a great night to be outside. The hayride was done on a horse drawn trailer through the woods and trails. It was a really beautiful time of year to be out around all the changing trees. The place we went to then had a bonfire ready for us when we returned from the hayride. We brought hotdogs, chips and marshmellows for roasting. The boys really had a good time. I wish Jay could have been there....did I mention he is hunting this weekend?
I think we've found a new family tradition for each fall. They do a winter sleigh ride also, that would be really fun too.

There was a big hill that the kids could run up and down while the hayride parked for a bit.