"Tell your children of Him, and let your children tell their children, and their children to another generation." Joel 1:3

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Como Zoo Day

I'd been telling the boys all summer we'd go to the zoo one day.....I didn't make it there until almost the last week of August. Whooops. Hey, at least we went. We took Kaylee too and they had a lot of fun. Here's some pics to proove it.


No, I'm not having Twins....we went to see the Twins. My brother had come into some tickets and was nice enough to give them to us so that we could enjoy a great family day at the new Target field. I've heard so much about it since the season began so I was excited to see it in person finally. Well, let me tell ya....it did not disappoint. It was amazing! We had the best time. I could really see getting used to that. We had these bleacher seats that are probably considered cheaper ones, but we loved them. There was tons of room to move around with all the boys, we had a great view of the field right behind 1st base, and a perfect view of the JumboTron where we could see all the fun things the game has to offer in between playing. The boys were in heaven! Thank you Uncle Mike and Aunt Kristin, they will not soon forget that day!
This is us when we first got there and were walking around taking it all in.

One of the cool things about the field is that you can actually take food in. They let you bring in a backpack with any sort of snacks and waters. We literally had a lunch packed for all of us, some water bottles, and some snacks.
So, we found that by the time you get your tickets free, you bring in your food, and mom does her own face painting rather than paying someone else to do it.....we got away with a pretty cheap day. If only Jay didn't insist on that $10 steak sandwich or the $7 beer......

Enjoyin' the day....

The boys and I made a couple signs before going. There is this thing that one of the announcers, Bert Blyleven, does with the fans. In between innings, he'll find people in the crowd with signs and circle them on his screen so that when the people at home see it, the fans are shown on TV. We held ours up high whenever there was a chance and right around the 4th inning, we got our whole family up on the giant Jumbo Tron. The boys were sooooo excited! I never imagined with all those thousands of people there that we'd get picked, so it was pretty cool.

All done.....what a fun day!