"Tell your children of Him, and let your children tell their children, and their children to another generation." Joel 1:3

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tanner's bowling party

When each of the boys have turned 5, we let them have their first 'friend' party. I gave him a few different choices as to where he would like to have it and he chose bowling. Works for me. No mess at home.
We ended up having it on Monday during the day cuz the kids had the day off. It was a good time for all!

where the heck have I been?

You've gone to bed every night thinking that same thing, haven't you? I knew it. How could I not be online last Friday when I enjoyed my LAST day of daycare?? How is it I never even mentioned the fact that the Vikings won their playoff game...leaving only one more to win to get to the Superbowl.
Well, for one thing the computer has been at Best Buy getting a Windows 7 upgrade. Buh-Bye Vista...I will NOT miss you.
But, on Friday night, as soon as my last and final ever daycare parent arrived...we headed to St. Cloud for the wake of my aunt, Sr. Teresa. She finally lost her year long battle with pancreatic cancer. We never thought she'd make it to even Thanksgiving, much less Christmas and the New Year. But, God has His own timing and He wasn't quite ready for her until now. It's always sad to lose someone you love, but there is a calm about it as well when you know their suffering is over. She looked beautiful and her community of nuns celebrated her life beautifully. They were so loving to all of us and so honoring of Sr. and her life. She had a prayer cross that she held when she prayed and that she held when she couldn't pray any longer. She had told my mom and her close friends that she wanted Tony to have it after she died. He was her Godson and she always had such a softspot for that little stinker. She was holding it until the moment they closed the casket. Her best friend took it out and got it to us after the funeral. I know Tony will cherish it always. She will be dearly missed. Her laugh, her smile, her prayers, and her unconditional love for all of us. We loved her very much.