"Tell your children of Him, and let your children tell their children, and their children to another generation." Joel 1:3

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's been a while

Well, it's either been a really busy week or a really boring one with nothing to write about. It's been a bit of both. It's always busy around here....that never changes, but there hasn't been much to report as well.
I ended up not doing daycare last Wednesday because Tony woke up at about 5am and was wheezing and coughing that barking cough like croup. I took him in that morning and had Jason call the parents. Later that day, I called the parents to let them know that I would be open the next day and it was up to them if they wanted their kids here. They were already exposed anyway and all the parents went ahead and brought them. As it turns out, 3 of the daycare kids are now sick with it. One was this past weekend, and 2 of them didn't come yesterday. In fact, they won't be here today or tomorrow either. This must be a very contagious virus with how agressively it's passed between so many kids.
Speaking of daycare parents.....I got a call at 2am yesterday. Scared the heck outta me. Obviously, when you get a call at that time in the night you think something is wrong. It was one of the parents!! She said she had a huge dilema..that her daughter had that croupy cough and would she still be able to come in the morning. HUH???!! I didn't say anything for a second I was so caught off guard. Then I told her that I can ask the offer the option to the other parents of coming to daycare when one of MY kids are sick, but I can't ask them that when YOUR child is sick. Um...duh. I hung up and wondered what in the world she was thinking! Why would you call me at 2am??! I am going to say something to her on Monday when I see her again and ask her to not do that again. I don't want any calls before 5:30am. Unbelieveable.

Tomorrow we head up to Brainard for the 4th. The drive is going to be hideous with the traffic of everyone doing the same thing. I'm really looking forward to it though. I'm going to get some packing done today so that I'm not too swamped tomorrow. I want to leave as soon as Jay gets home and the kids are gone.