"Tell your children of Him, and let your children tell their children, and their children to another generation." Joel 1:3

Thursday, June 11, 2009

More proof....

..of my theory on what Timmy thinks of he and Trae. I always say that he wants to make sure everyone (especially Trae) knows that he is bigger, stronger, older. Well, this was in his backpack this morning. It's kinda funny when you see how Trae is portrayed in this family portrait....he's even smaller than Tanner.

The visit

We went to see Sr. Teresa last night. We had such a nice visit, she was so good...like the Teresa we've always known. You'd never know from the way she looked/acted last night that she was so sick. If she was hurting, she hid it well. If she was tired, we never knew it. In fact, when I finally said 'we really should get going' she was surprised when she looked at her watch and it was about 9:45. I expected we'd stay til 8:30 or so, but time flew and she was in good spirits. She had bought 2 bouncy balls earlier that day so the boys could play. We had brought Subway and then ate out in the backyard of the house she lives in. The boys played the whole time and we had good conversation. We went inside after a while when the mosquitos started to get bad and sat in a common sitting room. There was a table and chairs where she had brought paper and markers for the kids and there was a little wooded toy frog and a little toy birdhouse that she gave to Tony and Tanner. When we first got there she told me happy early birthday and gave me a candle holder and a little booklet to read.
She gets such a kick outta the kids...especially Tony. She just kept saying how cute he was and how much she liked him. He gave her a big hug when we got there and when we left, I know she liked that.
While we were sitting in the yard, we asked her what the house behind there was. She said it's the guesthouse and that I should come and stay sometime. She had asked me this back in January or so when we had emailed back and forth a bit and I had mentioned how tiring my schedule was and how exhausting it is to work this much. Then she got sick and then we got in these crazy months where we haven't had a free weekend forever. Now, once the 4th is over, we have no more set plans for the remainder of the summer. She told me to just schedule it....that if I just say I'll do it and don't set it up, it will never happen. Very true. I think I'm going to do that. I'm going to take a Saturday off and go for 2 nights. She told me what we could do together and how I could really just relax. I think it would be a very peaceful weekend and I would love to spend some real one on one time with Sr. Teresa.
Today, I have GOT to get more packing done. The kids are done with school after today, so I'll have them all home tomorrow. The more I can get done today before heading to job 2 tonight the less stressed I'll be tomorrow. Now, if I could just wake up, I could get something started.

Trae just called......he forgot that he was supposed to bring a bag lunch today cuz they're doing an outside picnic. Um...okay....I'll just swing by and bring that to you. I already have 7 kids here.....this should be interesting. **insert rolling eyes here**