"Tell your children of Him, and let your children tell their children, and their children to another generation." Joel 1:3

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 5 with Little Olivia

Day 5 was good with Olivia. We didn't do much which was a nice change of pace actually. Last night our friends, Barb and Mark, got in from Nanjing where they got their new son and today we pretty much spent the day together. It's nice to have another couple here now to do stuff with. Don't get me wrong, the time with just Jay and I has been nice, but considering we've spent every single moment together for almost 2 weeks......It's nice to have someone else to talk to. :)

After breakfast we had to go to the Dr. and have her TB shot looked at. It looked fine, so that only took a minute. We then had about an hour of paperwork to get completed with Lucy. Barb and I did that while the dads played with the kids in the Swan Room.

After lunch we decided to take a ferry to the other side of the river where there was supposed to be a park. Barb and Mark had gone there 2 years ago when they were here adopting their daughter, Megan. The walk to the ferry was very interesting. It was along the canal that runs into the Pearl River and there were men selling things they had either caught in the canal or found nearby.....I'm really not sure. I got some video of it, but when Jay took out his camera, the man told us to move on so we didn't get a picture. They were selling fish, snakes, eels, turtles, huge frogs, crabs, birds (not sure what kind, but they had tons just crammed inside these crates) It smelled pretty bad just walking through there. It was only a couple blocks of this before we got to the dock.

We paid the half of a Yuan to get on.....that's about 5 cents and took the 5 minute trip to the other side.

I was able to get some good pictures of our hotel from the water. It's the highest one on the island.

The air is strange here. When you look outside, it first looks like it's foggy or maybe hazy from humidity, but then you realize it's really probably just smog. It's like that every day. You can't look far out and see the horizon or buildings far away. I'm so used to being in the city at home and seeing for miles. Not here....it gets almost a little depressing after a while cuz it almost blocks the sun. It's been overcast every day here, but I'm starting to wonder if the blue sky every gets through all this bad air.
Once we got off the ferry, we soon realized that the park was gone. There were some walking paths so we just did that for a while.

Usually the dads were up ahead pushing the strollers and Barb and I, along with Mark's parents who are with, followed along.

That was nice to just get out and take a walk and it was a nice day.....close to 70', I'm sure.

We got back and chilled for a while in the room and in the Swan Room again, then headed to dinner at Subway with the others.

Yep, all this time there's been a stinkin' Subway and I didn't know it. They still don't have diet coke, but the subs were good. They had about half the selection of veggies, but it was still yummy. I tried to give Miss Olivia some break and cheese and turkey....but, nope, so we got her some chicken congee at Lucy's on the way back to the hotel.
After I fed her, I painted her fingernails. I had completely forgotten that I brought pink polish to do that, so we had some manicure time before bed. Too cute.