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Monday, September 27, 2010

My football players

I have been so wrapped up in adoption news that I never even shared what's been going on with the boys and their football season.
It's been interesting, to say the least. But, then again, is anything here boring? We pretty much epitomize the phrase...."Never a dull moment."
This year, it was 3 going into football. Last year was 2, year before that was one...you get the idea. Basically, hubby and I are gluttons for punishment and apparently didn't think we were busy enough.
Since the teams go by grade, they were all three on seperate teams. Of course.
This was the schedule rundown for practices that began in mid August.
Getting to practices....
Tyler - 5:30pm (monday - friday)
Trae - 5:45pm (monday - thurs)
Timmy - 6:15pm (monday thurs)
...all at different parks. Of course.
Getting picked up from practice...
Tyler - 7:00pm
Trae - 7:15pm
Timmy - 8:00pm
Now, because I work on Tues. and Thurs. nights, that meant that Jay had to do this all on his own....with 2 little ones in tow....somehow getting them all fed dinner at some point as well....God help that poor man.
Fast forward a few weeks to when the games start.
Now, practices are the same, but we've added games.....lots of 'em
Tyler now has a game every Saturday and Sunday. Sunday. Huh?
Trae has games every Monday and Wednesday
Timmy has games every Tuesday and Thursday.
In case you lost count, that's 7 days a week.
Wasn't that nice of them to spread them all out like that.....just for us...
But wait....don't forget that now school has started. So on top of it all, we have to somehow squeeze in homework and getting to bed at a decent time. Notgonnahappen
Something had to give....and since I'm pretty sure they wouldn't let us adopt another child if we chose dinner as the thing to cut out....we don't get them to bed on time. Ever.
Exhausting right? Well....I'm not done.
See, what I didn't yet mention was that in the second week of practice Tyler fell backwards and broke his thumb right at the growth plate. He got a cast up to his elbow and was out for 3 weeks. That didn't stop him from wanting to go to practices and games though. He knew if he did that, he could get back into the game with a couple weeks left in the season.
Three weeks came, he got his cast off, got it re X-rayed....and then got told by the dr. that he could not play. He said he should not do any contact sports for at least another 3 weeks. ??? To say he was not a happy camper was an understatement. All this time he spent going to the games and practices only to be told that it would not pay off was not what he was hoping to hear. I have to admit, at that point, all I could think was "if I'd have known this 3 weeks ago, I could have probably gotten our registration fee back..."
So, that was Tyler.
Timmy....is another story. Like I said, Never a dull moment. Tim was trying to pop a wheely on his bike in the backyard when he fell backwards hitting his head....hard. He got a concussion and was told he couldn't play for 2 weeks. That time has just come and gone. Last night, he was back to playing and was happy about that.
Trae is the only one that didn't lose play time this year. It's a good thing too cuz that kid is goooood. He plays offense and defense for the entire game. Plays several positions and becomes a big part of most plays. Last night he got the teams only touchdown by running in a hand off. We were very proud of him.
I think he uses all that energy that drives me outtamymind all day long and channels it into kickin' butt on the field.
Works for me.