"Tell your children of Him, and let your children tell their children, and their children to another generation." Joel 1:3

Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween through the years.

Year one, Tyler debuted the football costume. He was a devil for his second Halloween. I don't have pictures scanned in for those, so I'm starting in 99' with Timmy's first year.

I resurrected the football costume for Timmy's first Halloween.

In 2000 it was the angel and devil.....appropriate for their personalities at the time.

In 2001, Trae joined the bunch and was a bumblebee in between his "hippy" brothers.

One more year with just the 3 of them and I made these cowboy costumes for them. One of my favorite years....2002.

By 2003, Tony was wearing the pigskin and the other boys were rounding out our theme for the year.

I'm drawing a total blank as to what they were in 2004. I have no picture handy and just cannot remember. hmmmm.......

Still letting me dress them alike, in 2005 I made these pirate get-ups. We even put vaseline with coffee grounds on their faces for whiskers.

I knew at some point, they'd want to do their own thing for Halloween. Here they are in 2006 with their first hodge-podge of costumes.

For the second year in a row, they all had their own ideas. I suppose it was bound to happen. Ha!

I still can't believe it that in 2008 they agreed to all dress the same again. This time as the girls we never had. This is by far my favorite year.....was there any question as to why.

So, here we are this year. It's 2009 and Tyler is saying it's his last year trick or treating. He's actually at a friends house with some other boys having pizza, going door to door, and watching a movie. The others are out with dad as I write. Of course, I had an idea for all of them this year, but it was hopeless. The older ones are at this age where they just want to be creepy and scary. I guess that's to be expected. :)

Off they go.....

Happy Halloween!!!

Autumn leaves

Is there anything better for a kid in the fall than to jump into a big pile of leaves?

It lasts for such a short time before the snow falls.

We have a great yard for raking leaf piles.