"Tell your children of Him, and let your children tell their children, and their children to another generation." Joel 1:3

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial weekend

We broke in the camper this weekend. The boys always look so forward to going camping and so do I, but I forget just how much work it really is to get ready. It's worth it though cuz we have such a good time. Camping has become our favorite family time thing to do by a mile. I love that we can do something that costs so little (we paid, for 3 nights, less than we would have for dinner and a movie with the kids) and makes such great memories. We love having the camper cuz we can treat it like a home away from home. We don't just do cereal for breakfast and hot dogs for every other meal. We do fun stuff.... Like make eggs, bacon, and pancakes in the morning.... ....and walking tacos for dinner. These were a big hit! We also have a lot of fun things to do. This campground is great for having activities for the kids.... like candy bar bingo and crafts... relay races... shuffleboard... and, of course, swimming... making sandcastles, finding a turtle, and catching tadpoles. After packing everything up on Monday, we headed to a concert in the park given in honor of all vets for Memorial Day. It was great music and a perfect way to spend the day remember what this weekend is really all about. It's important to us that the boys don't see Memorial Day as just a day off of school and camping weekend. It's very purpose of honoring our vets is key and we wanted to do something to remind them of that. They played of a song where all military branch theme songs were played. During each, the vets from that branch were supposed to stand up and be recognized...all while one of the band leaders ran around making sure to shake the hand of everyone standing. It was awesome to see such a tribute.