"Tell your children of Him, and let your children tell their children, and their children to another generation." Joel 1:3

Friday, September 10, 2010

Baby shower

Recently we had a baby shower for Lindsey and baby Ben. I love showers that are given after the baby is born because then the guest of honor can be there and everyone can see him. He got passed around for about 3 hours straight and did great. He's done really well with all the times that he's been around a group and everyone is in line to hold him.....kinda have to be in this big family.
Amy had it at her house and then us sisters all hosted. We had a really yummy brunch and played some dorky shower games. The dice game, of course, and then a game where we asked Lindsey a bunch of questions about Ben that we had asked Pat earlier that day. If she didn't match Pat's answer, she would have to eat a piece of gum....and not just Trident....Hubba Bubba gum. Well, she didn't do so hot on matching, so she probably ending up eating about 8 pieces of gum. She could hardly talk by the end of the game, it was very cute.
We opened gifts and ate some cake and had a very nice time visiting and laughing.
I think the biggest laugh of the day came when one of Lindsey's questions was "Who's idea was it to bring mom on the trip to Texas?"
and the very next question.....
"At what point did you regret that idea?"
Lindsey didn't seem to hesistate long enough for mom's liking and quickly decided they regretted it when "Rita took over driving and was flying 90mph down the highway"
They didn't get a match on that one.
Pat's answer......Lakeville.