"Tell your children of Him, and let your children tell their children, and their children to another generation." Joel 1:3

Monday, July 27, 2009

New backyard

Well, I could kick myself for not taking "before" pictures of the front and back yard, but I can take "during" pitures. Our backyard has always been more of a big sandbox (or should I say dirtbox) rather than a nice grassy area to play and relax. Doing daycare for the last year, along with the boys running around, haven't helped it out much. We started working on Sunday at noon and finally came inside about 9pm. We got so much done, and yet there is so much left to do. It's going to look so nice when it's done though. We put red mulch around the front yard pine tree. Nothing grows under those dumb things. Then in the back, we're taking a pretty huge chunk of the side of the yard and covering it with the mulch also. We decided to put it around the playhouse too cuz it just gets muddy and no grass grows in front of it since the kids are always over there. We also put some stone around the firepit. We thought that would be better than having the mulch go right up to the rock, I really like how it turned out. Now, if I can just get a good color for the playhouse and get that painted, we should be all done by this weekend.

Forgot to mention

I updated last weeks events and forgot to mention that I took Tyler and Timmy to a dr. appointment on Wednesday. It was just their regular check-up. They saw a new doctor this time since they are getting a little too old to continue seeing our female pediatrician, they felt more comfortable seeing a male dr. this time. I really liked this guy. He took a lot of time talking to us when he first got into the room. Talked to them about safety and nutrition, all that stuff the dr. tells you when you get a check up.
One thing I had planned on asking him about was Timmy's cheek. Last we heard, there was no fracture, but he had sinusitis. HUH? With no symptoms? I don't know....seems odd to me, but that's what they said. This never explained the bumps in his cheek under the skin. I told the dr. briefly about what had happened and he felt it and right away suggested we go to a plastic surgeon. He said he thinks he may be forming a keloid scar which would explain the bumpiness. So, now we have an appointment in Sept. for that. I'm still just amazed at what has all transpired with this injury.