"Tell your children of Him, and let your children tell their children, and their children to another generation." Joel 1:3

Friday, November 27, 2009

Turkey Weekend

Happy Day after Thanksgiving! It's Black Friday and we are in Illinios with my in-laws for the weekend. We had a really nice Thanksgiving yesterday. Stayed at the house and everyone came over for way too much turkey and stuffing and mashed potatoes. I got so full.....twice. I couldn't seem to learn from the first meal that I should take it easy on the second...reheat at 8pm...meal. Jason and my father in law were in charge of the turkey. They deep fried it! It was fondue for a 22 pound bird. Oh my gosh! I took pictures and a video of Jay lowering it in the vat of oil. It was pretty cool actually....I got a bit nervous about the kids being out in the garage around it though. They had strict instructions to stay away! It was so yummy!

I was looking through the ads yesterday to see if there were any "can't do without" items worth getting up at 3am for. There were a few and I was seriously considering going to Toys R' Us at midnight when they opened......but decided it wasn't worth it. I just remember last year when Amy and I went there......Oh. My. Lord! What a zoo! Instead, Jay and I got up at 8am, had some breakfast and took our time getting to the places we wanted to. First Walmart where I had one ad item I was really hoping for. I can't say here what it was, but let's just say it was in the electronics section and I was holding out NO hope that they would actually have any left. There was an employee in the area asking everyone if they needed help finding things.....I figured...what the heck, can't hurt to ask. I did and, as expected, he said they were gone first thing this morning. But wait......he reached behind himself into a cart of odds and ends things that had to be put away and pulled one out! I couldn't believe it. A woman next to us got excited and asked if there was another one...yep, one more. What luck was that!!

Today we'll play some pinnacle and eat some leftovers. Tomorrow it's off to see Jay's grandma Mary and then to his cousins house at night. The boys are pretty excited about seeing their cousins......they love all the new stuff they have there to play with.

All in all, having a good time! I only wish I could sleep in a bit....I've been up before 8am each morning so far. I think I miss my bed.