"Tell your children of Him, and let your children tell their children, and their children to another generation." Joel 1:3

Thursday, May 28, 2009


I have a follower! Hi Sarah!

Things have been pretty normal since Monday. Back to daycare, back to kids driving me crazy, back to not having any time for anything....oh well.
I should be cleaning and packing today. We are leaving for Illinios tomorrow for Chris's wedding. I"m anxious for the trip...even the 5 hour drive. It's forced relaxation and that's something I could use. I'm torn right now between heading to the park or something or getting stuff done around the house. Whatever doesn't get done today has to be done tomorrow, so I suppose I should just stay here. We'll see, I haven't decided yet. I'll rent some movies before we go so we can at least keep busy that way in the car. The boys are charging their MP3's and gameboys, so that helps too. Me....I'm bring a good book and a pillow.
Jay and I had some errands to run last night and then we met up at Trappers for some food and bingo. Jay actually won a game, but so did another person so it was a split pot. That was still $28 so that paid our bill and some of the bingo. I'll take a cheap night out like that any day.
I have to work tonight, but Jay is going to Chucks to pick up the camper. I am SOOO excited to have it and be able to use it. We are going camping with Chuck and Amy next weekend. We will break in the camper and they will use their trailer for the first time, so it should be a ton of fun!

Lighthearted moment.....Yesterday I took Tanner onto my lap and laid him back like I was rocking him. He looked up at me and touched my hair and with the most sincere voice said "mom, your hair is so pretty...it's the prettiest hair I ever saw" Awww....so sweet and so wrong....I think it's been 4 days since I washed my hair. I guess the saying is right....Love is blind.
My baby boy.