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Friday, July 10, 2009

Timmy's injury....again....

This cheek injury is an ongoing saga. After it didn't look any better by yesterday morning, I called the dr. office. She told me to call if the antibiotic wasn't changing it. Long story...short...the nurse took all the info for the dr. and then the dr. called me. She asked a lot of questions about it and decided it was best for him to come in and be seen that night. Half hour later, another dr. called and said that she and her collegue had been talking and debating about whether or not I should just take Timmy right to the ER instead of even keeping the appt. That surprised me. Then she said she was worried that if this infection wasn't going away, he would need to have it surgically reopened to drain it. HUH!!
After talking for a while more, we decided to just keep the appt. last night so she could see him and decide from there. Jason took him in since I had to work and when she looked at him she didn't feel like it was an infection. She felt like the bump was maybe from a callous that was forming due to a broken bone in his face. They did a facial X-ray and she sent it to radiology. Her initial feeling was that he had a hairline fracture on his cheekbone, but she wasn't sure and said that the radiologist would call me today. Weelllll......instead we got a call last night at 9pm from the pediatrician. She had already gotten word about the X-ray. They said they think there may be fluid in his sinuses and they think he may have a sinus fracture, so they want him to go in today for a CT scan. I just can't believe what this has turned into. I was relieved last night when the dr. said she didn't think it was the infection cuz that worried me. But now.....gosh. What a mess. I don't even know what they would do if this IS a sinus fracture. Nothing, maybe? I guess we'll see.
On another note (notice I didn't say happy note) I went to the dentist this morning. As usual, that is also an ongoing saga.